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Project Report July 2021

Winners of the  Colvend School  Litter Poster Project

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See section 4 of this report for more details.


1.     Barean Crannog Interpretation Board Project

§ Quotation updated & order placed with Border Signs & Graphics in Dumfries

§ Minor changes requested by SWEAT to board design to incorporate their logo. The Scottish Crannog Centre logo also added. This change has been accepted by BSG Ltd.

§ Price is slightly less than expected and so it is suggested that we install 2 900mm x 600mm paving slabs (approx. £25 if we do it ourselves)

Decision 1 required: Spend approx. £25 on installation of slabs?


2.     Bus Shelter Projects

  • Toughened glass for Portling Road end shelter window ordered from Glass & Glazing (Dumfries) Ltd. Cost is approx. £22, Delivery awaited.
  • SWesTrans notified of request to update bus timetables at Sandyhills & Portling Road end.
  • No progress on notice boards for all 3 bus shelters.

Decision 2 required: Purchase label for Southwick Shelter indicating that it was supplied by the C&SCC & funded by Robin Rigg Community Fund?


3.     Coastal Path Interpretation Boards grant application

  • Sponsorship agreement (worth £750) signed with RWE Renewables Ltd
  • Information& photos due from RWE Renewables for the Robin Rigg Board in w/c 28/6/21
  • Location of the Flora & Fauna Board selected
  • Order cannot be placed with Alba Ltd. until the designs of all 4 boards are completed



4.     Litter Campaign Project

16 posters received from pupils at Colvend Primary School. The standard was exceptionally high. 7 members of the C&SCC took part in the selection of the final designs. The winning designs can be seen on the right.


There is a potential problem regarding copyrights. This has been checked with Vexels, but for Steven’s poster this may require that we purchase the clip art. It may be possible to do this at no cost.

The grant decision is due to be notified during the next few weeks, and if it is positive, we will need to make the decision to proceed to an order before the September meeting.

Decision 3 required: Should we order 4 Swing Signs (as per the grant quotation) or 3 Swing Signs + 1 A Frame with replaceable signs? (This would enable the A Frame to be used temporarily for other purposes – such as notification of the sports groups and could be done at minimal extra cost)


5.  Colvend Hall Generator Connection 

Grant application submitted to National Lottery Community Fund for the balance of cost to install the larger capacity generator connection. Approach already received from National Lottery. Final decision is imminent.


6.  Launching Exercise Groups 

There are 3 grant applications submitted to fund the start-up of the table tennis, carpet bowls and walking football exercise groups as requested by the community survey. 

  • Grant application to Aldi Sports Fund has been declined.
  • Grant application for £1,000 from the D&G Stewartry Area Committee has been approved
  • Grant Application submitted to SSE Fund for £1,500, but results will not be known until September 2021. The chances of success with this fund are very limited!

Decision 4 required: Should the table tennis & carpet bowls groups be run separately or concurrently?

Decision 5 required: Who will lead the groups?

Decision 6 required: When should we aim to start up the groups and should we start advertising now?


7.  Meikle Richorn dyking repairs – DR


8.  Future grant applications

We need to decide what project that we are going to submit to the final year of Robin Rigg funding in early December. Possible projects are:

10. Castle Point Beach access

11. Kippford flood mitigation

12.  Other ideas??


S.W. Pain  24/6/21