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The  interpretation board at Gutcher's Isle on the coastal path - a Community Council initiative



The Colvend & Southwick Community Council normally meets the first Thursday of each month  except January and August when there are no meetings.     Our local events page will keep you up to date.   Alternatively refer to the minutes of the last meeting or email: The meetings are held in Colvend Public Hall, Colvend, Dalbeattie DG5 4QD commencing at 7.00pm.

Colvend and Southwick Community Council as with all the other Community Councils plays an important role in allowing members of the community to raise a variety of issues.  The Dumfries & Galloway council website has a comprehensive overview of the structure and duties of Community Councils.  Click the link here to go to their Community Council's page.  The Scottish Government has also has a website devoted to Community Councils, which also highlights their important role. You can visit this here.

​You can normally see who are your current Community Councillors by following this link to a Dumfries & Galloway council website.   Please make contact with them if you have a local issue you wish them to follow up.  Alternatively come along to a meeting. Members of the public are always welcome to attend Community Council meetings - just come along.

Minutes of Colvend & Southwick Community Council following each meeting are published every month  and you will find the recent individual month's minutes under the Your Community Council on the menu or you can view the last minutes here.  These minutes are a draft to be approved at the following meeting .  If you wish even earlier minutes please email the secretary at​. 

The minutes normally show the various local planning applications, which have been reviewed.  You can see full details of all planning applications by going to search on the planning section of the  Dumfries & Galloway website and inputting, say, Colvend to see relevant applications.

Currently Scottish Water are currently applying for planniing permission for a new Wastewater Treatment Works in Kippford.  Below you can find a link to the original letter inviting local residents to a consultation meeting back in January 2024 which has an artists impression of the new works.   Also below there is a link to all the slides that Scottish Water presented at the consultation meeting

The Community Council undertakes various projects.  Most months a comprehensive project report is available and you will it and earlier copies under the Your Community Council tab.

There is a proposal to enlarge the Caravan Site at Sandyhills which is creating some controversy.   Those opposed to this development have created a FaceBook page and you can view it here

Colvend and Southwick Community Council also has a Facebook Page.