Local Place Plan Meeting 27th March 2023


Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Local Place Plan Team

Meeting No.6 27th  March 2023 3pm (via zoom)

Present: S.W.Pain (Convenor), J.Coates, R.Morriss 

Apologies: M.Rosindale, P.Shaw, D.Reilly (Consultant) (Held up in traffic)


1)  SWP welcomed RM, who had been invited because he was taking over SWPs talk at the Evening Talk on 31stMarch. The primary purpose of this meeting was to complete the detailed planning for the public meeting at Colvend Public Hall on Friday,31st March.


2)  Matters Arising from the minutes of the meeting on 15th March 2023

  1. SWP had circulated a draft Vision Statement to the team. This was agreed for inclusion in the Evening Talk presentation. (Note the comment from one attendee at the Evening Talk, that the Vision Statement was too long)
  2.  DR had circulated a timeline for the project as follows:

 1  Preparation (Expressed interest)

2. Evidence Collection.

3. Engaging with community (consultation / workshop etc)

4. Write up draft then final approval of local Plan.

5. Registration of LPP with Dumfries and Galloway Council.

The view of the meeting was that we were just about to start stage 3 – the consultation stage.


3) Grant funding

SWP explained that it was a condition of the CLLD grant funding that all invoices related to the funding were paid by 31st March. Invoices had been received and paid for the consultant’s fees, venue hire, zoom contracts and display boards. The first 2 invoices were cleared through the C&SCC account on 24th March and the remainder on 28th March. The grant permitted expenditure up to £6000 maximum, but time limitations did not allow us to spend the full amount. A formal application has been registered with the fund to repay £5604.50 to the C&SCC. 


4) Evening Talk

 Communications about the Local Place Plan talk on Friday 31st March have been circulated via the 4 WhatsApp Groups and the website. We anticipate that there will be approx. 40 people attend. The hall has been booked, and JC is arranging refreshments (wine & cheese) which are paid for via the grant funding. The main speaker will be Nicola Hill from D&G Council, who will talk (max of ½ hr) about what the local place plan is and how to get involved.   NH will bring her own computer. Owing to the fact that SWP is unavailable, Roddy Morriss will present the Local Place Plan team’s presentation which has already been circulated to all team members. The focus will be on explaining the process that we are going to follow rather than gettiing into detail.

JC and RM will set out the hall on the Friday afternoon, and SWP will see if MR is also available to help. The layout will be “café style” with attendees sitting at tables. SWP will arrange to brief RM on setting up the LCD Projector on Thursday 30th March.

The two roller banners from Colvend Shop & the Anchor at Kippford would be temporarily moved to the Colvend Hall for the evening.


JC confirmed that Colvend Golf Club had a Development Plan that could be used for the LPP.


6) Date of next meeting

To be confirmed                                                                             



S.W.Pain 3/4/2023

Local Place Plan Meting 6 27th March 2023