Local Place Plan Meeting 19th May 2023

Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Local Place Plan Team

Meeting No.8  

19th May  2023 3pm (via zoom)

Present: S.W.Pain (Convenor), J.Coates, P.Shaw, R.Morriss 

Apologies: M.Rosindale


1.  Feedback from the Rockcliffe Gathering on 6th May

JC reported that the Rockcliffe Gathering at the Baron’s Craig had been very well attended with 72 persons present. The LPP roller banners were displayed prominently at the entrance resulting in a number of discussions and explanations about the LPP process. It has not been possible to recover the banners & Key Areas panel from the Baron’s Craig. As these will be required for the FLS meeting on Monday 22nd May, every effort will be made to get access to them.

Action: JC to retrieve publicity materials and notify SWP by end of 21st May


2.  Forest & Land Scotland are holding a drop-in session at Kippford Hall on Monday 22nd May to consult on their plans for Mark Hill. SWP has been in touch with FLS (Robin Fuller) and will attend the session to hear about:

  • FLS land management plans for Mark Hill and Tornat
  • What are the plans for the Colvend part of Dalbeattie Forest?
  • Do FLS wish to be involved in our LPP?

In addition to SWP, Martin Rosindale will also attend the FLS drop-in session. 

It is planned to use the drop-in session as a consultation opportunity for the LPP and so if possible, the roller banners and Key Events Panel will be displayed.

Action: SWP & MR to attend the FLS drop-in session


3.  Arrangements for consultation stall at Colvend Family Gala on Saturday 27th May

Again, all the display material will be made available at the Colvend Recreation Field. An additional table & chair will be required. Manning of the stall will be RM (2-3pm) PS (3-4pm).

The focus will be to encourage people to take part in the electronic survey, by 

  •  Leaving their email contact details, so that we can send them the link to the survey
  • Giving them the survey link (it’s a bit long to write down!)
  • Giving them the opportunity to write comments on a flip chart stand


4.  Community Consultation Responses

The consultation document was distributed via the 4 WhatsApp Groups on 26th April to 287 properties. The results have been disappointing, in that to date we have received 12 responses to the electronic survey, and 3 additional email responses. What is even more discouraging is the quality of the responses. Many relate purely to the problem of potholes. There are very few original or fundamentally new ideas so far. SWP has been in touch with Karen at the CAPE Network in Friar Vennel in Dumfries, who have offered to provide advice on consultation arrangements. This will be followed up once SWP is well enough for face-to face-meetings. There was a discussion about how the existing consultation arrangement could be invigorated. Consideration was given to:

  • Relaunch of the electronic community survey
  • Better explanation of what the LPP is.
  • Try a postal delivery

It was decided to focus in the short-term on the publicity at the Colvend Family Gala on 27th May, but if that did not result in a big increase in contributions, one or more of the other options would need to be used.




S.W.Pain 19/5/2023