LLP Minutes 27 January 2023

Colvend & Southwick Community Council

Local Place Plan Team

Meeting No.2  (27th January 2023 2pm Colvend Hall)

Present: S.W.Pain (Convenor), J.Coates, M.Rosindale, P.Shaw

1.  Reminder of the purpose of the Local Place plan:

Local Place Plans (LPPs) offer communities the opportunity to produce a plan for their area expressing their aspirations and ambitions for future change.

They focus on the community's proposals for the development and use of land and provide a new opportunity for communities to feed into the planning system with ideas and proposals.

Local Place Plans are more than just a plan:

  • They can help communities understand what they want to be like in the future and help to develop a positive community identity
  • They can help develop local connections and collaborations and develop community capacity and improve social capital
  • They can support community aspirations on the big challenges for a future Scotland, such as responding to the global climate emergency and tackling inequalities
  • They are an opportunity for real, community-based change

Local Place Plans are produced by the community, the Council and its partners will be available to provide support, advice and guidance. The level of support required will be discussed when we meet to discuss your communities aspirations and ambitions.


2. Community Led Vision Fund

D&G Council have just communicated the availability of this fund, which is eligible for organisations wanting consultancy help with producing LPPs. Applications are available from £5000 - £50000. The problem seems to be that applications have to be in by 31st January and project completion by 31st March 2023. It was proposed by SWP that David Reilly who has done the recent Planning Application for the Kippford Nature Reserve, and who was formerly a D&G Planner, be invited to submit a quotation for consultancy work to support the LLP Team. David is also a resident of Kippford & so has local knowledge. The team concluded that it would not be possible to complete all the community consultation necessary for the LPP by the end of March. The remit for the consultant was agreed to be “to produce a draft plan to use as the basis of consultation and to produce whatever consultation materials as may be required”. This is the work that could be reasonably committed to by 31st March. On this basis, the team agreed to proceeding with an application to the Community Led Vision fund.

We are led to believe that currently we are one of only two community councils in the region who are working towards a Local Place Plan, and it is hoped that this, and the extremely tight deadlines for both submission of applications and project completion, will aid our chances of success.



3.  Key Areas for consideration in the LPP



4.  Actions for next meeting:

We agreed to take a share of the “Key Areas” shown in red from the diagram in item 3 and produce a draft showing what the details for that may be (a start was made in the diagram, and these are identified in blue)

Suggested Areas are:

Peter Shaw – Beaches, Education & Communications

John Coates - Economy, Transport & Employment

Martin Rosindale – Tourism & Environment

Simon Pain- Infrastucture & Housing

Please let SWP have your ideas (just in a simple list form) by 15th Feb

Since we are expecting to hear the outcome of the application to the Community Led Vision fund by 11th February, it was agreed to meet again at 2pm on Friday 17th february. (Location to be confirmed)



LPP Team, C&SCC, D&G Council: Nicola Hill, James Fraser, Jennifer Quinn, Kimberley Philips