Council Minutes 9 June 2022



Thursday 9 June 2022 at 7 Colvend Public Hall


PRESENT: Derek Roan (DR) – Chair; Simon Pain (SWP) - Vice Chair; Mark Parry (MP) – Treasurer; Gordon Webster (GW) – Secretary; Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Ken Coltart (KC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu); Co-opted CCs: Fay Gourlay (FG); Local Cllrs: Ian Blake (IB); Associate Member: Sue Gourlay (SG); Gwen Coates (GC) – Minute Secretary


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLICJohn Rowland (JR); Elsbeth and Peter Shaw (ES, PS) on behalf of Sandyhills Protection Group (SPG)


APOLOGIESElected CCs: Kristine Filer (KF), Tracey Roan (TR); Co-opted CCs: Henry Rowe (HR); Local Cllrs: David Stitt (DS); Martin Rosindale (MR) – Kippford Association representative




Adoption of the Minutes from 10 May 2022

With no amendments, the minutes were approved by JC and seconded by MPu.



  1. DGC Visitor Management Plan – Continue to engage with DGC regarding signage. IB had nothing to report on this and thought the matter was complete. GW to check if this is the case. To be considered at the next meeting. (GW/IB)
  2. Local Place Plan update. SWP said that DGC had not yet responded to his communication about this. IBsuggested that SWP contact David Suttie at DGC to move this forward. To be considered at the next meeting. (SWP)
  3. Condition of the Coastal Path near the old monument update. FG said that water run-off at the location meant that putting hardcore down was likely to be problematic. She mentioned that at one point in the past a wooden boardwalk had been considered but nothing had come of this. She suggested that it might be helpful if her family, as the actual landowners, contacted DGC about this, in order to reinforce CSCC’s communication. SPW agreed to provide her with relevant contact details. This issue is still awaiting advice from D&G council. (SWP/FG)
  4. Electric Vehicle Charging Points update. JC said there was nothing further to report on this at the moment. He has still not heard anything from the Kippford AssociationHe said that because the car park at Rockcliffe belongs to the council, it will be up to DGC to agree to this. IB agreed to find out if there is anything in the council plans regarding electrical charging points in Rockcliffe. To be considered at the next meeting. (JC/IB)
  5. DGC request to mend potholes in Rockcliffe area. JC said the major potholes have been filled.  IB said, if other potholes were identified, it was quite straightforward to put requests to repair these into the system. This issue is now closed. (DS/IB)  
  6. Rockcliffe Bus Shelter proposal. SWP said nothing had been done about this so far. To be considered at the next meeting. (SWP)
  7. Japanese Knotweed: DS to raise with DGC and JC to contact the National Trust (NT). JC noted that DGC’s view is that it is their responsibility only if it is on their land. He has contacted the NT but has had no reply from them. IB said that he would send a polite letter to the National Trust regarding this problem. ES and PSnoted that having the weed present on one’s land is not an offence but that allowing it to spread to someone else’s land is an offence. To be considered at the next meeting. (IB/JC)
  8. Wind Turbine for local energy supply. SWP said that solar rather than wind power is the most likely source of energy to use and that funding may be available for this as long as the project benefits the community directly. He also noted that solar slates rather than cheaper solar panels might be a better option. JC noted that the Village Hall Committee is in discussion with the owner of Colvend shop about this development. If the Village Hall can get funding for solar panels to be installed on its roof, it can then export excess energy to the shop owner. The Village Hall Committee, as a community organisation, will pursue this rather than CSCC. SWP discussed a number of funding schemes. DR asked that CSCC be kept informed of developments. To be considered at the next meeting. (SWP/JC/DR)
  9. Possible new Chairman and Treasurer candidate(s). DR and MP wish to give up their respective roles as Chair and Treasurer at the AGM in July. DR wishes to remain a member of CSCC and would be happy to take on the Treasurer role if members agreed. MP does not wish to remain a member of CSCC. SWP prefers to remain as Vice Chair in order to retain his involvement in projects, funding and the information centre. Members acknowledged the considerable contribution he made in this role. No obvious replacement candidates for Chair have come forward. DR has approached a number of people but their response, in general, is that they have too many other commitments at present. He will continue to explore other candidates who might consider the role. To be considered at the next meeting. (DR/All)
  10. Confirmation of date and arrangements for AGM. The AGM will be held on Thursday July 7 7pm followed by the usual monthly meeting at 7:30pm. (DR).



GW said the police sent an email in lieu of their attendance at tonight’s meeting but that there were no issues to report. JC noted a theft from the Baron’s Craig earlier in the week. A very large copper tank was stolen from the grounds. It is suggested that a large van or trailer would have been needed to transport this and the size of the tank meant it would have needed at least a couple of people to move it. The incident has been reported to the police. 



MP informed members that funds in the bank totalled £8,859.24. 



Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report online detailing progress on each of the projects, including some of the issues under the Community Involvement section below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of issues discussed at the meeting. 

  1. Coastal Path Signage. Once the final sign, at Gutcher’s Isle, is installed next week, this project is complete. This project is complete.  (SWP)
  2. Tree Planting. Members discussed whether there was public access to the locations of planted trees. SWPstated that for the Woodland Trust project, there is no requirement for public access to the planting areas but access may be granted by the landowner. This project is on-going. (SWP)
  3. Emergency Repair Pack CP20. SWP requested funding (of up to £15) to cover the cost of replacing the puncture outfit and tools, which have disappeared/been used. This was agreed by members. MPu asked if this provision was really necessary given that most cyclists carried their own repair kits. There was general agreement that it was a useful provision, not least because it was good PR for CSCC in terms of welcoming cyclists to the area. This project is complete. (SWP)
  4. Hard standing improvements to communal bin areas. SWP said discussion with the landowner regarding the Portling location is still needed. He noted that hard standing would probably need to be funded by CSCC unless it was a larger area-wide project, for which funding might be available. DR suggested making use of some of the funds noted in the Treasurer’s Report. SWP reminded members that there is always a need to maintain an adequate buffer of funds for different projects because, even where funding is available, it does not usually cover the total costs, and often only covers 50% of costs. Re SWP’s point about whether there are other areas that require extensions of hard standing to deal with additional recycling bins, no decision was made on this. (SWP)
  5. Colvend Hall generator connection testing. DR has ensured the correct generator connection points are now available and will ensure the generator is tested in due course. SWP noted that two further power cuts around the Colvend area occurred recently and thus testing is important. This project is on-going (DR)
  6. Kippford Tidal Flaps. Noting that DGC are not taking this forward, SWP said that it would be technically very difficult for CSCC to take responsibility for this. IB noted that this has been an historical issue related to pressure on the wall. KC suggested that it is not a CSCC responsibility. DR agreed and there was general agreement that CSCC should not pursue the Tidal Flaps installation. DR suggested liaising with the Kippford Association in case they are interested in taking this forward.



  1. Homes for Ukraine. SWP explained that DGC have been inundated with offers of accommodation and that refugees have been directed to the more populous, urban hubs. As a result, none of the offers of accommodation from private sponsors in the local area have been taken up. He noted that there is some disappointment among individual sponsors, such as B&B and rental property providers, who may have cleared their usual holiday bookings in the expectation of accommodating refugees instead. This activity is on-going(SWP)
  2. Mother & Baby Film events in the Small Hall. FG said she expected to start the film events in September. She also noted the possibility of a few more pupils joining the school in September and that signs to highlight the presence of the school would be installed soon. This activity is deferred until September. (FG)
  3. Colvend Family Gala Day. DR expressed appreciation for the serious amount of work JC had done in organising the Gala Day prior to having to absent himself from the actual day as a result of testing positive for Covid. JC noted the very strong community involvement (about 40 people) in ensuring the success of the Gala Day. Many comments indicated that it was a great day, a real success and should be held each year. Members agreed about holding a gala next year. JC said that if CSCC is to hold a gala next year, planning should start soon to allow sufficient time to book events. A date for next year’s gala will be discussed at the meeting in September. This activity is deferred until September. (JC)
  4. Distribution of funds from the Gala Day. Takings from the Gala amounted to approximately £1,162. (No account has yet been taken of DGC funding and the expenses incurred in running the event – these will be available next month.) This sum gives confidence that, if the DGC does not provide any funding for such an event in future years, CSCC could fund a gala without recourse to entrance fees. Three stalls (bric-a-brac stall, book stall and Christ Church stall) wanted to donate the funds they made (approximately £580) to a charity supporting Ukrainian refugees. It was also suggested that CSCC should donate some of the funds made at the Gala Day to such a charity. SWP suggested that CSCC should not rush to donate these funds within the next few weeks in case refugees do eventually come to the local area, in which case such funds might be needed to help them. All members agreed to this and to making a decision at the next meeting about how much to contribute from CSCC Gala takings and which charity to donate to. This activity is on-going (SWP)
  5. School transport. In relation to CSCC’s available funds, FG asked whether a contribution might be made to support the school’s transport to its partner schools (e.g. to Palnackie for the Forest School sessions). IBsaid that discretionary funds for such activities are available from DGC and that the headteacher should apply for this. He provided FG with the relevant contact. SWP noted another sources of funding for this activity. This activity is complete. (FG)
  6. Marquee replacement. SWP explained why a new large marquee was necessary and the potential means of funding this. Members agreed the need for a new marquee. In addition to the Robin Rigg Community Fund, which SWP has suggested applying to for funding, IB suggested the Coastal Benefit Fund might be another source of funding. JR suggested submitting a funding application jointly with the Kippford Association, which might increase the chances of success. SWP noted that most funding is only allocated to a single organisation and that this suggestion might therefore be problematic. However, he agreed to discuss this issue further with JR if this suggestion was pursued. This activity/project is on-going. (SWP)



IB left the meeting at this point.

  1. 22/0197/SCO Sandyhills proposed development – rolling agenda item. PS gave an update on the activities being undertaken by the Sandyhills Protection Group (SPG). He said that the planning department will be sending a letter (which should appear on the planning department’s website) to the developer about what should be included in the environmental impact assessment (EIA) by 10/06/2022. He also noted that following communication with the Regional Archaeologist, it was established that a cultural heritage assessment was needed. DR asked that CSCC continue to be updated about developments and would be happy to have this by email if no one was available to attend the meeting. (PS on behalf of SPG) 
  2. Other planning applications and decisions received and distributed May 2022. Nothing contentious noted. 



Clarification of this agenda item. DR said that it was historical and related to pre-email times when the secretary would bring letters received to the meeting to inform members of the content of the most important ones. As this is no longer necessary because relevant communication is emailed to members before the meeting, GW suggested he would use this agenda item for any significant communication that he feels should be discussed at the meeting. (GW)



  1. Local bus timetables. JC explained that the local bus timetables displayed at bus stops are not accurate. IBnoted that changes to bus timetables are updated immediately on the website but that those displayed at bus stops take longer to update. He agreed to pursue this further. (IB)
  2. Car Boot Sale. SWP said that the CSCC had been asked if they would consider having a car boot sale on the Colvend Community Recreation Field (where the Gala was held). Discussion took place about ownership of, and responsibility for, the land; about the school’s right to use the land; about the impact of cars parked on the land, particularly in bad weather; about the road crossing and safety issues; about who would actually organise and run such an event. In general, members were not enthusiastic about this proposal and decided it was not something CSCC wishes to get involved with. SWP to inform the landowner of this decision. (SWP)
  3. DR said that anyone who wishes to speak to him in confidence about applying for the roles of Chair or Treasurer should contact him direct. (DR)





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