Council Minutes 7th April 2022



Thursday 7 April 2022 at 7 p.m. in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENT: Derek Roan (DR) – Chair; Simon Pain (SWP) - Vice Chair; Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Ken Coltart (KC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu), Tracey Roan (TR); Local Cllrs: David Stitt (DS): Associate Member: Sue Gourlay (SG); Martin Rosindale (MR) – Kippford Association representativeWPC Amy Baird (AB)


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLICJ. Rowland (JR); Sandyhills residentsPeter Hutchison (PH), Peter Shaw (PS), Helen Taylor (HT), Tony Barbour (TB)


APOLOGIES: Mark Parry (MP) – Treasurer; Gordon Webster (GW) – Secretary; Elected CCs: Kristine Filer (KF); Co-opted CCs: Henry Rowe (HR), Fay Gourlay (FG) Local Cllrs: Ian Blake (IB)




Adoption of the Minutes from 3 March 2022

With no amendments, the minutes were approved by DR and seconded by SWP.



  1. DGC Visitor Management Plan – Continue to engage with DGC regarding signage. No one present at the meeting was able to speak about this matter. To be considered at the next meeting. (IB)
  2. Increase awareness of Colvend Primary School. No one present at the meeting was able to speak about this matter. To be considered at the next meeting. (FG)
  3. Local Place Plan update. Because timing in relation to this issue is not critical at present, SWP’s time has been spent on more pressing issues including a focus on Homes for Ukrainian refugees and the coastal path issues. To be considered at the next meeting. (SWP)
  4. Condition of the Coastal Path near the old monument. This issue is still awaiting advice from D&G council. (SWP/FG)



AB said there were no crime incidents to report. She alerted members to free Dogs Trust webinars providing advice to those members of the public who might be anxious about leaving their dogs at home as they return to work following the relaxation of COVID restrictions. A poster of information about this support was left with DR.  



In the absence of MP, DR informed members that the account balance was £7,330.12. 



Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report online detailing progress on each of the projects, including some of the issues under the Community Involvement section below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of issues discussed at the meeting. 

  1. Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation Signs. SWP reiterated his thanks to those who had helped with installing the four signs now in place. At the time of the meeting, he had still not received a response from Historic Environment Scotland to his query about the positioning of the board at Gutcher’s Isle. (SWP)
  2. Anti-littering project. SWP confirmed that not all litter from the latest incident of fly tipping had yet been removed because of the precarious nature of its location on a hillside. (SWP)
  3. Replacement of Viewpoint signs at Castle Point and Torrs Hill. The Viewpoint signs at both sites are now difficult to read and orientations are not accurate. New signs need to be of better quality to withstand the local weather conditions. Members agreed that if SWP receives reasonable quotations for this work in an appropriate timescale, he should apply for available funding without coming back to CSCC for approval. (SWP)
  4. Electric Vehicle Charging Points. See the entry on this issue in the Projects section of the minutes for 3 March 2022. JC noted that the company concerned is willing to consider providing charging points for CSCC (in Rockcliffe main car park and by Colvend Public Hall). In addition, he has approached the Kippford Association, which will decide, at their next meeting, if they wish to take forward the siting of a charging point at Kippford Village Hall. JC will keep members informed of developments re this issue. (JC, SWP)
  5. Colvend Public Hall Generator Connection. SWP emphasised the importance of testing the generator to ensure it works effectively before a further blackout occurs. (DR)



1. Indoor Sports Club. Due to falling numbers, which are likely to be inevitable as spring moves to summer, SWP recommended that the club closes at the end of April, for the summer, and restarts again late September/early October. Members agreed this was a sensible move. (SWP)

2. Knit and Natter. There has been a slight decline in numbers. For the reasons mentioned in the online project report, the start time for this event has moved from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. (SWP)

3. Homes for Ukraine. Two public Zoom meetings have taken place and a communication network for those involved has been established. Residents have committed to about 17 assured rooms/places with the possibility of many more places provided by David Mabbs and family at the Baron’s Craig Hotel. However, SWP explained that for the latter to take place, the hotel would need to be registered for multiple occupancy and would require the building to meet a range of stringent regulatory safety requirements (e.g., electrical and fire regulations, etc), all of which will be costly. SWP also noted that the Baron’s Craig could be made a hub/day centre for Ukrainian refugees to meet, chat, gain support, etc. He said that D&G are enthusiastic about this latter idea but have received similar offers from other establishments in the region, some of which are much more central. The system for linking households to refugees is still unclear and, although there have been numerous offers of help, for example of financial gifts, companies offering electrical services free of charge and volunteers offering English language teaching, there is no direction or support from government to help coordinate or organise this. SWP will keep CSCC informed as issues are clarified. JRsuggested that CSCC write to local MPs, Alister Jack and Finlay Carson, to express members’ frustrations in relation to this issue and to ask them to raise concerns at the highest levels of government. SWP agreed to draft such a letter. (SWP) 

4. Mother & Baby Film/Classic Films in the Small Hall. SWP had explored the legal implications of showing films in the village hall. Members discussed two suggestions – mother & baby/toddler film sessions (free but funded by donations for the hire of the hall) and general audience classic film sessions. The consensus was that classic film sessions would have to compete with other local cinematic events (e.g. those in Dalbeattie and in Castle Douglas). It was also noted that, for the latter, the suggested sale of wine would require a licence. Members agreed to support the mother & baby/toddler film sessions but not the wider audience film sessions. (FG, SWP)   

5. Evening Talks. JC noted the success of a recent evening talk about the geology of SW Scotland. He explained that talks were likely to take place monthly between October and March. He is compiling a database of potential speakers/topics but asked councillors and members of the public for any suggestions they have. (JC)

6. Gala Day. Prior to the meeting, JC provided information on the provisional programme for the Gala Day, which is to be a celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee. A D&G Spring Fling event, taking place on the same day in the Village Hall, will be integrated into the Gala Day. The Gala will be open to all local communities and visitors. MR noted that the Kippford Association had suggested holding a street party in Kippford on the same day to celebrate the Jubilee. He feels that such a party is not practical - in relation to traffic and parking issues – and will make this point at the Kippford Association meeting next week. JC suggested that it was more sensible to promote the Colvend event for all communities rather than having competing activities. MR agreed. (JC)



  1. 22/0197/SCO Sandyhills proposed development – rolling agenda item. PH, representing residents of Sandyhills, gave a detailed update on their actions to date. He said that, for simplicity, the residents’ group would be called Sandyhills Protection Group (SPG). He explained what SPG had been doing, for example, awareness raising, gaining residents’ views on the development, providing information briefs and the setting up of a website, and what their future plans are. He made clear that the general view of Sandyhills residents is that this is a ‘grossly inappropriate development’. Members discussed the points raised and offered suggestions. For example, MR suggested checking out the details of a similar development that had taken place at Brighouse Bay; SP suggested raising awareness further by contacting local newspapers and that he would be happy to forward information to local WhatsApp Connect groups. PH noted the suggestions but was very clear that the SPG, although keen to widen activities, wished to do this in a structured and timely manner. PH then explained that the group has drafted a letter to send to D&G planning authorities to ensure the criteria for the required environmental impact assessment (EIA), which the developer will have to carry out, is sufficiently comprehensive, objective, clear, transparent and thorough. He indicated that, if CSCC agreed with the group’s stance on this development, they would like two members (SWP and GW) to join their meetings and work with them in responding to the proposed development. CSCC members felt that they all needed to see the letter before they could decide whether to support it and whether to allow SWP and GW to attend and support on-going SPG meetings. PH agreed to send the letter to GW who would circulate it to all members of CSCC, requesting a prompt response. This item to remain on the agenda for the next meeting. (PH)  
  2. 21/2373/FUL Formation of 82m slipway at Rockcliffe has been withdrawn. This was not discussed.
  3. Other planning applications and decisions received and distributed March 2022. These were not discussed. 



MPu explained that there are two consultations running at present - the Murdo Fraser one (in relation to a private members bill the MSP is hoping to put before the Scottish parliament) and a Scottish Government one. The two consultations each have a slightly different focus – the former is about the liability of landowners for getting rid of fly tipping on their land, the latter is about how to prevent/deter fly tipping in the first place. DS noted that the issue of fly tipping had been raised with D&G but suggested that the fact that their resources are stretched impacts on their ability to take appropriate action. After further discussion among members about the issue of fly tipping, MPu said that he would be happy to work with others to discuss the matter further with a view to a progress update at the next meeting. DR and JC agreed to work with him on this. (MPu, DR, JC)  



All correspondence has been duly forwarded.

Anyone wishing to see a comprehensive list of correspondence should contact Mrs Sue Gourlay:




  1. Potholes. A letter of complaint about potholes has been received from a Kippford resident. DR suggested that the Kippford Association was the most appropriate body to respond to this letter. JC raised concerns about a large pothole on the road from Colvend to Rockcliffe and DR mentioned another one on the road near the Clonyard. DS said that concerns about potholes should be reported to D&G but that the council were already dealing with a huge backlog of such concerns. DR asked DS to put in a request to D&G to mend potholes around the Rockcliffe area. (DS)
  2. A new Treasurer is required as MP will relinquish this role soon. It was suggested that in the first instance, DR should ask MP if he had any ideas about people who might take on this role. (DR, MP)
  3. SWP noted that an AGM should be held next month (May) and that this might make the appointment of a new Treasurer more urgent. DR to discuss the AGM with SWP after first discussing the issue of a new Treasurer with MP(DR, SWP)
  4. The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 11 May 2022 because council elections are to be held on Thursday 5 May 2022 and DR is not available on Thursday 12 May 2022.




(Please note that  subsequent to these minutes being distributed the date for this meeting has been changed to Tuesday 10th May 2022)


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