Council Minutes 4th November 2021


Thursday 4 November 2021 at 7.03 p.m. in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENT: Derek Roan (DR) – Chair; Gordon Webster (GW) – Secretary; Community Councillors: John Coates (JC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu), Tracey Roan (TR); Local Councillors: Ian Blake (IB), David Stitt (DS); Associate Members: Sue Gourlay (SG): Gwen Coates (GC) – Minute Secretary




APOLOGIESSimon Pain (SWP)– Vice Chair; Mark Parry (MPa) – Treasurer; Community Councillors: Kristine Filer (KF), Henry Rowe (HR)




Adoption of the Minutes from 7 October 2021


With no amendments, the minutes were approved by JC and seconded by GW




  1. DGC Visitor Management Plan: JC noted that QR codes were not effective because of poor mobile phone signal in Rockcliffe. This item is closed.

2.Rockcliffe Ice Cream Vendor proposal: JC noted that the van creates noise and air pollution and is parked in a restricted parking location for much of the year, however, visitors view it as an enjoyable service. He stated that the National Trust owned the land around the area but the County Council was probably the owner of the grass verge around the public convenience where it is proposed the van might park and where an electric charging point might be installed. The vendor is prepared to contribute to the cost and to put in a security box. TR raised the point that this might be unfair because it is giving the right to electricity charging to a single trader. A discussion about electric charging provision in the region followed. Action: IB to liaise with DGC to verify the ownership of the verge and advise of next steps.

  1. Gala Day 2022: Saturday 4 June 2022 is to be the Gala Day to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Action: JC to engage organisations to be involved in the event now a date is agreed.

  1. Payment scheme for Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Action: DR to speak to MPa.

  1. Thank you letters: GW sent letters to the relevant people. This item is closed.
  2. Lost property notices: GW noted that a tent found by KF has been removed and is now at Castle Douglas police lost property centre. If no one claims this within a given period, KF can have it. This item is closed.
  3. School Shelter Roof: IB indicated that the order specification given to the company did not include a requirement for a waterproof shelter, hence the company does not accept responsibility for the fact that the structure is not waterproof. It was therefore futile to pursue the company further. Discussion about next steps included: threatening court action or a small claims action, felting to make it waterproof, getting quotes for the work, applying for a discretionary grant. 

Action: SWP and MPu to discuss this further and report back at the next meeting. 

  1. PC Compatible Projector: see report on this in the Projects section below for further details.
  2. Table Tennis Netting: GW to send a thank you letter to F. Nielson for her work. This item is closed.
  3. Bowls Club Funds: The Village Hall Committee currently holds money available from the closure of a previous carpet bowls club. There was some discussion as to whether this could be transferred to the newly formed indoor bowls club and whether this indoor bowls format was equivalent to carpet bowls. See the relevant note under the Projects section for more details on this. JC noted that any decision about the transfer of funds would be made by the Village Hall Committee as a whole rather than any individual member of the committee.

Action: JC to engage the Village Hall Committee.

  1. Minute Secretary: GW advised GC of her successful application for this role. This item is closed. 




No significant incidents were recorded. 




The Treasurer, MPa, was not present and a report had not been submitted. 



In his absence, SWP submitted written reports on the following projects. 


1.Barean Crannog visitor interpretation board

No request received yet for the repayment of the outstanding £945 to SWEAT for unused grant monies.


2.Coastal Path

Visitor Interpretation Signs


Due to increased costs for work by Alba Printers Ltd, a quotation has been requested from Border Signs Ltd. It is likely that this quote will exceed the £4641.10 combined grant aid available. As a result, the number of signs might need to be reduced or installation work might need to be done by members themselves. If work is not completed by March 2022, grant aid may be withdrawn. SWP to report further on this at the next meeting. 


Path maintenance


D&G Council Outdoor Access Team have instructed contactors to undertake clearance work on the Coastal Path between Rockcliffe and Sandyhills during the winter. Community councillors are coordinating the work of the Community Payback Team in order to clear the path in time for 2022. 


3.Anti-littering project 

Three swing signs using the winning six designs from the Colvend Primary School competition are on order with SignRight Dumfries Ltd. They will include a credit to Dalbeattie Rotary for the provision of grant aid. Ordering of an ‘A’ frame sign for the two runners-up designs will be done on SWP’s return. 


4.Community get-together

Application for £300 funding to the Rural Communities Ideas into Action Fund has been submitted. The outcome of the application will be received in early December and must be spent by March 2022. Further decisions need to be made on this item. 


5.Colvend Indoor Sports Club

The sports club is reported to be going well. A core of about 16 people have attended, including a mixture of ages. No firm decisions have yet been made about charging. This will be left to the members of the club, with the Community Council acting only in an advisory role. An individual has been identified for the role of treasurer of the club. Members are working on a constitution for the club. DS suggested that if the club had a constitution and members paid a minimum of £10 membership, the club could submit funding bids. 

SG noted that £187 is available from the previously mentioned carpet bowls club if the following criteria are met: the new club is for carpet bowling, is seen to be running on a long-term basis and is firmly established. There was some debate about whether the current bowling club was a carpet bowls club. DR suggested the decision about the transference of funds be left to the Village Hall Committee as suggested by JC in the section on ‘Matters arising from the Agenda’.


6.Cycle repair box – Core Path 20

Evidence suggests the box has been used, the stolen pump has been kindly replaced by MFG Garages in Dalbeattie and a ‘mysterious’ screwdriver has been added to the kit.


7.Projection equipment

An application has been made to the Robin Rigg Community Fund (RRCF) for £605 to purchase an LCD projector to facilitate the programme of evening talks requested by the Community Survey. A projector suitable for showing public release films, discussed at the previous meeting, is too expensive to pursue (at around £5000). JC also noted that, given the associated costs of hiring such films, plus competition from other local providers and the need for quite large numbers to cover costs, this is not a viable option. Note, this is the final opportunity for funding as the RRCF is to be permanently closed.


8.Queen’s Canopy Planting

There was little enthusiasm among councillors present about applying for large numbers (up to 450) of trees from the Woodland Trust. JC noted that any planting on private land would need the permission of landowners. Alternative suggestions included planting some trees on the verges around the Village Hall, planting one large tree in a prominent position near the Village Hall to commemorate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee or to explore if the Kippford Community Nature Reserve might want to take advantage of the tree planting scheme, if they weren’t already doing so. DR asked attendees to get in touch if they had any further ideas and the committee would discuss this again at the next meeting.  




Derek Roan of Woodside, Barnbarroch Farm, Dalbeattie DG5 4QS proposed to co-opt Fay Gourlay of Glenstocken, Colvend DG5 4QE as a new member of the council. There was some uncertainty during the discussion about the exact protocol to follow. Clarification on this was requested from MPu. He sent this on 06.11.2021. This proposal will now be an item on the next agenda where it will require approval from two thirds of the elected council in order to proceed. 




Concerns have been raised about the speed limit through Caulkerbush. IB noted that a detailed police report had been provided indicating that speed was not a contributory factor to the two recent serious accidents in the area. JC and MPu had read this and agreed this point. DR suggested that HR, who had raised this issue, should speak with local residents and invite them to attend the next meeting if they wished to raise any further concerns that the council should be aware of.

Action: DR to contact HR.




An email was received from a local resident, J. Stanning, wanting to verify whether the actual salt bin locations reflected those depicted on relevant maps. JC has sent comments to GW and DR is happy to discuss this with J. Stanning if he needs more information.  




SG mentioned a granted application in Kippford. DS confirmed two planning applications in Kippford, 

neither of which are controversial. 




There was nothing significant to report. 




There were no further issues. 


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