Council Minutes 3rd March 2022


Thursday 3 March 2022 at 7 p.m. in Colvend Public Hall

PRESENT: Derek Roan (DR) – Chair; Simon Pain (SWP) - Vice Chair; Mark Parry (MP) – Treasurer; Gordon Webster (GW) – Secretary; Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Kristine Filer (KF), Tracey Roan (TR); Co-opted CCs: Henry Rowe (HR), Fay Gourlay (FG); Local Cllr: David Stitt (DS): Associate Member: Sue Gourlay (SG); Martin Rosindale (MR) – Kippford Association representativeWPC Alison Blacklock (AB)


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLICJ. Rowland (JR), J. Stanning (JS), Peter Hutchison (PH)


APOLOGIES: Elected CCs: Ken Coltart (KC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu); Cllr: I. Blake (IB)




Adoption of the Minutes from 3 February 2022


With no amendments, the minutes were approved by DR and seconded by JC



  1. Rockcliffe Ice Cream Vendor – electric vehicle purchase proposal. JC has been informed by Ben Nicholson, the vendor, that he has ordered a new electric ice cream van. His intention is to charge the vehicle at home so there is no need to consider an electric charging point for this vehicle in Rockcliffe. (JC) The matter is now closed.
  2. Action to increase awareness of Colvend Primary School. FG said that signs identifying the school are to be put up on approach roadsides from Dalbeattie and from New Abbey. She also noted that the problem of declining rolls in rural schools is a county-wide issue. (FG) Ongoing.
  3. Fly tipping at Southwick. This has now been cleared. JC suggested that the expense involved in disposing of commercial waste at the tip (£90 per ton) might be prompting fly tipping. He suggested that if the local authority reduced this price, it might encourage potential fly tippers to take their waste to the tip – and this might prove cheaper for the local authority than having to clear up rubbish caused by fly tipping. There was further discussion about the current need to make appointments in order to dispose of domestic waste at the tip. Some members objected to the need to make appointments (as the Covid risk declines), others felt it was better than having to queue if no appointments are required. DS said he would keep an eye on this matter and would raise relevant issues with the local authority. (DS) The situation will be monitored and brought back to the council if necessary.
  4. Licensing of short-term lets. JC said the legislation on this issue was a ‘fait accompli’ but that the government was going to leave it to local councils’ discretion as to how to interpret the legislation. He suggested lobbying the council about the needs locally regarding short-term lets. TR noted relevant dates for the roll-out of the licensing system and discussed information she had gathered from other local authorities, including a range of suggested fees. Under the legislation. ‘all local authorities will be required to establish a short-term let licensing scheme by October 2022. Existing hosts and operators have until 1 April 2023 to apply for a licence for each property that they operate as a short-term let. All short-term lets in Scotland will have to be licensed by 1 July 2024’. TR also added that each local authority will be able to set its own charges. There was a general discussion about the legislation and about how its implementation needs to reflect local conditions and needs. MPu (who was not present at the meeting) and DS are asked to monitor developments and report back at later meetings. (MPu, DS) The situation will be monitored and brought back to the council if necessary.
  5.  Erection of dog fouling signs at Kippford. MR noted that these signs have been erected in Kippford. (MR)This matter is now closed.
  6. Local Place Plan. SWP spoke on behalf of the sub-group (JC, FG, SWP, MR). A Local Place Plan is a vision for the future that addresses physical plans, economic opportunities and personal health. It is an expression of the community’s aspirations that can have an influence on policy. If CSCC doesn’t prepare a plan, other groups could develop their own plans. The plan must: be registered with D&G so that it can feed into the local development plan; be realistic and deliverable; consider community groups (e.g., churches, schools, businesses, MPs, MSPs, councillors). On the basis of a pilot undertaken in Stromness (Orkney), essential expenses (e.g., mailing and posters) ranged from £500 to £1000 and the cost of specialist support ranged from £0 to £20,000. The timescale for completion is 12 – 24 months. The sub-group recommend that CSCC try to prepare a Local Place Plan using members’ skills rather than paid contractor support. Because a paid contractor is not required, there is no need to seek funding from D&G to start this. The sub-group will continue to meet to develop ideas and report back at later meetings. (JC, FG, SWP, MR) Ongoing.


AB said there was a report of damage to an oil tank at a property in Rockcliffe between 14/12/2021 and 28/01/2022, enquiries ongoing. She again referred to the increase in impersonation fraud (which she had noted at the meeting in February 2022) and recommended a short video alerting people to the issues. She will email the video to members for further sharing with the local community. 


MP sent out detailed accounts online prior to the meeting. At the meeting he advised that the council has £9,710 in the bank, most commitments have been met and the council will be able to clear any deficit at the end of the financial year out of unrestricted funds. 


SWP submitted a report online prior to the meeting detailing progress on each of the projects and this document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of issues discussed at the meeting. 

  1. Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation Boards. SWP said that, in order to meet funding conditions, the 5 signs must be installed by the end of March 2022. Members agreed the £53 needed to purchase the postcrete for their installation. FG raised an issue about the ancient monument at the Gutcher’s Isle site and whether a sign installed on the building might cause damage. SWP confirmed that he would discuss this with Historic Scotland before the sign was installed.
  2. Electric Vehicle Charging Points. The details of options available are given on the online project report noted above. SWP said that it would be very unlikely that installation would be at Colvend Public Hall Car Park because of electricity supply limitations. SPEN (Scottish Power Energy Networks) have been asked to provide a price for the supply of a ‘fast charger’ for the main car park at Rockcliffe at a cost of approximately £12,000 (to be confirmed). Members discussed a range of funding sources. JC then gave details of a contract agreed for charging points at Colvend Golf Club that appeared to be excellent value, with no costs to the Golf Club. DR summarised saying that charging points would be mainly for tourists not local residents and thus the ‘slow charger’ would not be helpful but the ‘fast charger’ might be OK. However, he said that the information provided by JC about the Colvend Golf Club’s initiative might change the options currently being discussed. JR noted that urgency for charging points in the local area might be reduced if charging is available at the golf club. JC and SWP agreed to liaise about how to take the various options forward. (JC, SWP)  


  1. Indoor sports club. The club’s constitution, which was sent to members just prior to the February meeting of CSCC, was ratified by members tonight. DR, as chair, and JC, as seconder, signed the document. It was noted that a written constitution was important in case the club wished to seek funding in the future. (SWP)
  2. Evening talks. The first talk will be given by David Harrison in Colvend Public Hall on 18 March 2022. The topic will be the geology of South West Scotland. The talk will be free of charge but donations from attendees will be welcomed. The event will include some refreshments. £100 of seed funding has been allocated from funds provided by Inspiring Scotland. This allocation was formally approved by CSCC. It has been decided that talks in the summer months are unlikely to be viable, so further talks will be arranged for the autumn. TR agreed to advertise the event on the local Facebook page. (JC)
  3. Knit and Natter. Details on this initiative are included in the online report mentioned above. SWP asked everyone to redouble efforts to encourage people to attend. (SWP)
  4. Gala Day. JC gave details of the current situation regarding the organisation of the gala (including stalls and activities), which is to take place on Saturday 4 June 2022. DR asked JC to provide a detailed summary of activities for the May 2022 meeting of CSCC. (JC)  


  1. 21/2373/FUL Formation of 82m slipway at Rockcliffe. Following local concerns, the applicant has said he will withdraw the current application. A further application, in changed form, may be submitted at a future date. 
  2. 22/0143/FUL One planning application for a dwelling in Kippford was noted. This was not considered controversial. 
  3. There was extensive discussion among members about a proposed expansion of Sandyhills Bay Holiday Park. Information available suggested that a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) might take 12 months or more. PH, a Sandyhills resident, told members about local residents’ concerns about the proposed development and the importance of ensuring full consultations during the process. Given the scale of the proposed development concerns were voiced about the environmental impact, issues related to facilities, services and sewage, and how the development might affect decisions of people considering moving to the area (and the potential negative impact of this on the already declining local school roll). Because planning-related issues can often come up quickly, SWP suggested this issue be kept as a standing item for the next few months. PH said he would be happy to attend and give an update at the next meeting and will ensure that GW is sent any relevant information. (PH)


JR felt that members should be alerted to the project to develop the former Dalbeattie Primary School into an activity centre. JR and DS explained some of the developments taking place in this long term project involving a £10 million initiative. SWP suggested that, at a later stage in its development, this might be a good topic for one of the evening talks. There is an online survey about the development that people can complete at the following link: 



All correspondence has been duly forwarded.


  1. DR noted that the Scottish Census instructions seemed straight forward and members agreed that there was no further action needed on this. 
  2. SWP noted that the coastal path near the old monument was extremely boggy and wondered if it might be possible to put hardcore down. FG said that a key issue with this was insurance and the fact that the owners of the land would incur liability if walkers subsequently had accidents. SWP and FG to discuss this further. (SWP, FG)
  3. SP said that he expected the Community Payback Team to continue working on clearing the coastal path until early summer 2022. 

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