Council Minutes 3 February 2022


Thursday 3 February 2022 at 7 p.m. in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENT: Derek Roan (DR) – Chair; Simon Pain (SWP) - Vice Chair; Gordon Webster (GW) – Secretary; Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Ken Coltart (KC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu); Co-opted CCs:  Fay Gourlay (FG); Local Cllrs: David Stitt (DS): Associate Member: Sue Gourlay (SG); Martin Rosindale? (MR) – Kippford Association representativeWPC Alison Blacklock (AB)


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLICJohn Rowland (JR), Julian Stanning (JS), Peter and Elspeth Shaw (PS and ES), Tom Nicol (TN


APOLOGIES Elected CCs: Mark Parry (MPa) – Treasurer; Elected CCs: Tracey Roan (TR), Kristine Filer (KF); Co-opted CCs: Henry Rowe (HR); Local Cllrs: Ian Blake (IB), Rob Davidson (RD)




Adoption of the Minutes from 2 December 2021

With no amendments, the minutes were approved by DR and seconded by FG



  1. DR asked if anyone wished to raise any points about planning application (21/2031/FUL – 03.11.2021) considered at the last meeting. As this application involved members of his family, he would be happy to move the issue to AOCB and leave the meeting before it is discussed. No issues were raised. The matter is now closed.
  2. Rockcliffe ice cream vendor. IB has given the vendor a contact name in DGC to deal with directly on this matter. JC noted that the vendor said he was thinking of purchasing an electric van. No other details were available but JC will keep the council informed. (JC)
  3. MPa has set up the payment scheme for ICO. The matter is now closed.
  4. Bowls Club Funds. JC (as the Secretary of the Village Hall Committee) noted that funds held by the previous club will be made available for use by the new club. The funding, which is not required immediately, will be made available when needed. This matter is now closed.
  5. Locked gate on RoW. DR said that the Forestry Commission would not be prepared to put a forestry padlock and key onto the first gate until this has been approved by its legal department. The owner of the property is happy to remove his padlock and key and have them replaced with Forestry Commission ones. DR also noted that there is room for horses and riders to pass through. DR recommends that, other than monitoring the situation until the padlock key is changed to fit both gates, no further action is needed. Members agreed. This matter is now closed.   
  6. Actions to increase awareness of Colvend Primary School. FG informed the council that there are currently only 8 pupils at the school. Parents are concerned about the falling roll. There is a possibility of one or two more pupils joining during the year. To enhance pupils’ social and educational provision the school is working in partnership with two other schools in the region – Palnackie Primary School and Kirkgunzeon Primary School. See the on-line Projects report (on the CSCC website) for further details of funding gained to cover the cost of transporting pupils between Colvend and Palnackie (the other one-teacher school in the partnership). IB has helped to organise signs to increase awareness of the school. These are in the process of being ordered and decisions need to be made about where to place them. FG asked for any other suggestions to be forwarded to her. FG to keep the council informed. (IB, FG)



AB said there was ‘nothing to report crime-wise in the area’ and recommended a useful Crimewatch Facebook page for information alerts and updates. She also raised the issue of an increase in impersonation fraud, where individuals are encouraged by fraudsters, posing as their bank or the police, to give their personal banking details or to go to a cash point to remove funds. It is important to note that neither a bank nor the police would ask for individuals’ card details or ask to be allowed to remotely access personal computers. If anyone is ever asked for this information they should call 101, the non-emergency police number, to report the matter.

HR raised an issue prior to the hearing about potential fly-tipping in the Southwick area. As HR was not present, DSsaid that he would make contact with him after the meeting to discuss this further.   




MPa sent out his report online prior to the meeting. It notes that the balance after expected income, expenditure and commitments is £10,301.07. Since the last meeting the following funding has been received: Solway Firth Partnership for £605 for the purchase of village hall projector; Inspiring Scotland for £300 for community gatherings. Expenditure in this period includes: the cost of zoom meetings, the purchase of a projector, payment for the services of the Minute Secretary. 




SWP submitted a report online prior to the meeting detailing progress on each of the projects. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of issues discussed at the meeting. 


  1. Anti-littering. The 6 signs are to rotate around various locations rather than remain in one place. They cannot be put on road verges in case they distract drivers. Suggestions were to place them in the following locations: Colvend shop, Meikle Richorn lay-by, Sandyhills bus turning area, Rockcliffe (by the toilets), Kippford Hall carpark. Further locations are still to be considered. (SWP)
  2. Barean Crannog. The signs have been, or will shortly be, installed. This project is now complete.
  3. Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation signs. The signs include: Robin Rigg Wind Farm; Geology of Colvend Coast; Smuggling and Shipwrecks; Flora and Fauna; Gutcher’s Isle. Locations along the coastal path have been decided. To meet funding conditions, the signs need to be installed by the end of March. Lack of additional funding for installation means volunteers will need to carry this out. SWP will contact CSCC members about volunteering for this task. (SWP)
  4. Coastal path maintenance. No further discussion on this point.
  5. Evening talks. See next section on Community Involvement.  
  6. Community get-togethers. For details see the on-line Project report on the CSCC website. 
  7. Queen’s canopy planting. No further discussion on this point. SWP notes in the on-line Projects report (on the CSCC website) that all tree grants for March 2022 planting have been allocated. If an application is to be made this should be for November 2022 planting. (SWP)
  8. Colvend Primary School. See above - point 6 under ‘Matters arising from the agenda’.
  9. Future grant applications. Of the suggested projects mentioned at point 9 on the February 2022 Projects report (on the CSCC website), it was noted that:
    1. A local resident has made signs for the Tree of the Year at Kippford - one located next to the tree and one near the Ark gift/coffee shop. 
    2. In addition to the future projects suggested, a further one was added – the development of a Local Place Plan (introduced to encourage communities to be active participants in planning for their futures). Discussion took place as to whether to employ a consultant to develop such a plan or to do it in-house using the skills of members and others in the local community. It was noted that a website providing guidance on the development of such plans was available. It was agreed that, in the first instance, a group of 4 individuals would meet to discuss this further and report back at the next meeting. (JCFGMRSWP). 
    3. SWP emphasised the need to think ahead about what projects the council wish to pursue as bids must be in by 22 April for the D&G Regionwide Community Fund and grant applications can take a long time. He added that because of this cut-off date, projects that required planning permission, such as the suggested bus shelter at Rockcliffe and the shelter at Kippford Nature Reserve, were not feasible in the time scale as the lead time is around 12 months. 
    4. DR noted that members were struggling to identify projects that all were keen on and asked that this item be put back on the agenda for the next meeting and asked for more detailed plans, including cost and time quotations to be included for the various alternatives under consideration. (SWP)  




  1. Indoor sports club. SWP noted that £400 remains from the original £1000 funding grant to equip the club. Younger members of the club have said they would like a pool table. This can be purchased for £340. Members agreed that this purchase should go ahead. The sports club constitution was sent to members. This will be considered for ratification at the next meeting in March. (SWP)
  2. Evening talks. JC said the Village Hall Committee wished to encourage such talks, which could make use of the new projector. The first talk is being arranged – on the ecology of the local area. A small group of interested individuals is now needed to organise a programme of future talks. (JC)
  3. Get-togethers. For details see the on-line Project report on the CSCC website. (SWP)
  4. Gala. JC noted that arrangements for the gala on Saturday 4 June 2022 were coming together and moving forward. DS is chasing up representatives of the local fire brigade. JC hoped that the local lifeboat service might have a stand at the gala. DR said he had connections with the service. DR and JC to discuss this. (JC)
  5. Showing of films in the small hall. It was stated that this was not a possibility due to the need for licences and other legal requirements. (FG)



At the last meeting, which was held shortly after Storm Arwen, it was agreed that further discussion on a community resilience plan was needed. For today’s meeting, JS provided a very helpful outline of possible actions needed - actions based on the experience of residents during the Storm and subsequent power cut. A detailed discussion followed focused on the key areas noted in JS’s outline: local provision of power; communications; identifying and supporting those most at risk; resilience advice and contact details. Key discussion points focused on the need for generator connections and cable compatibility. DR noted that the community council needed an account with an organisation that could provide for, or connect to, a generator when needed, rather than purchasing its own generator, which would be too costly to maintain. He would be happy if a cable was purchased (cost £342) to link up to his generator, when it was available and this was agreed. He suggested that the council needed to research with Scottish Power and organisations such as Speedy Hire in Dumfries before any further decisions about such actions are taken. JS raised the importance of encouraging the further development of social networks among local people to ensure the most vulnerable and the most isolated are supported and that the location of all residents is known so that they can be communicated with. JS will liaise with councillors and others to promote this. (DR/JS)



Two planning applications, one in Kippford and one in Colvend were noted, neither of which were





All correspondence has been duly forwarded.



1. Licensing short-term lets. Discussion took place about potential new requirements for short-term lets in Scotland. The proposed legislation, which is currently a White Paper, means all such properties will have to be licensed by 1 July 2024. The new legislation was developed after residents in some areas raised concerns about the impact of such lets on communities, including noise, anti-social behaviour and the impact on the supply of housing in some areas. MPu raised the issue suggesting that it was a ‘sledge hammer to crack a nut’ and, while it might be relevant in the middle of large cities such as Edinburgh, it was not relevant to rural areas like this. JC said he understood that the government was going to leave it to regional councils to interpret the legislation. He suggested that it might therefore be useful to put pressure on the regional council once the legislation was in place. DR suggested that MPu should keep the council informed of developments. (MPu)


2.  DR raised the issue about the Kippford sewage works. MR described the changing nature of the plans to improve the system, including the potential major road upheavals. He and DR noted that the plans had now reverted to the original proposal, i.e., to bury the infrastructure as much as possible.


3.  DR raised the issue of the Scottish Census and the importance of ensuring all local residents are aware of how they could complete this, for example by putting notices in local shops. The census opens at the end of February 2022. All households will receive a letter with instructions on how to take part. Although Census Day is Sunday 20 March 2022, questionnaires can be completed and submitted on-line or by post as soon as they are received. (DR)


4.  On behalf of Sandyhills residents, PS and ES raised concerns about developments planned for Sandyhills. This issue was raised briefly at the last council meeting (planning reference: 21/0748/SCR) where it was noted that the reference was ‘for an Environmental Impact Assessment only (Opinion Screen) and that no formal planning application had yet been filed’.  DR ask whether there should be an open meeting to consider the potential development or whether it would be better to wait until the planning process has moved further. SWP noted that once an application is in there is limited time to respond, which might not correspond to a community council meeting date. DR said the council needs to find out the state of the environmental impact assessment and how far the project has advanced before making a decision about this. PS to keep in touch with JS and SWP about the progress with this application and, when appropriate, put the issue back on the agenda and perhaps invite the owner to come along and explain the proposal.


5.MR raised the issue about dog fouling in Kippford. The issue has been raised with IB who has suggested erecting appropriate dog fouling signs along the waterfront at Kippford. (MR)


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