Council Minutes 2nd September 2021


Thursday 2nd September 2021 AT 7:00pm via zoom video conferencing.

PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Pain - Vice Chair, G. Webster - Secretary, CCs J. Coates, K. Filer, AC S. Gourlay.


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: J. Rowland, J. Stanning.


APOLOGIES: M. Parry - Treasurer, CC’s A. Whitby, H. Rowe, M. Pumphrey, Cllrs D. Stitt, R. Davidson.




Adoption of the Minutes from 1st July 2021


With no amendments the minutes were approved by J. Coates and seconded by S. Gourlay.



DGC Visitor Management Plan - I. Blake continues to engage with DGC regarding signage.

Glass recycling at Colvend - I. Blake continues to engage with DGC regarding having a glass recycling facility at Colvend. J. Coates advised that there is now an additional glass recycling bin at Kippford, presumably to cope with increased demand, and he wondered why it could not have been sent to Colvend instead. As previously noted, the community around Colvend and beyond have to travel to Kippford to use the only glass recycling facility in the area.

Action: G. Webster to advise I. Blake of the second glass recycling unit at Kippford.


Lotus Electrical have given September 24 as an installation date for the generator switchgear.


Kirkbean CC have resolved minute taking duties internally and it was agreed that we should therefore advertise locally ourselves for a suitable candidate. The three local WhatsApp groups, the CSCC Facebook page and website were thought to be suitable for the purpose in the first instance.

Action: G. Webster to contact M. Parry to clarify current remuneration for the Minute Secretary role and create a suitable advert for distribution.



No incidents reported this month.



The Treasurer submitted an account summary to members ahead of the meeting in his absence. There were, however, some entries where further clarification regarding payments was deemed necessary.

Action: D. Roan to contact M. Parry to discuss these and some other payment queries he had.




Bus Shelters

Southwick project completed within budget and includes a sign indicating shelter provided by CSCC funded by RRCF. All three bus shelters have had new noticeboards installed.

Barean Crannog Interpretation Board

The board has now been installed (Wednesday 1st – thank you to M. Pumphrey for overseeing) and received very positive comments from the members present and has already attracted interest from visitors.

As the project came in under budget there is a balance of unused funding to be returned to SWEAT. The project VAT sum is to be paid by the CSCC as this is not covered by the grant.

Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation Boards

Four out of the five boards are now almost complete and have been approved.

Location of the three boards on the Rockcliffe – Port O’Warren section have now been agreed with landowners. The location of the boards on the Portling to Sandyhills section are in the process of being agreed with the landowner. 

Final board on local geology is scheduled for completion in the next couple of weeks. An order for manufacture / installation will then be placed with Alba Printers of Dumfries.

Coastal Path

The CSCC have received several complaints from members of the public about the overgrown nature of the path. Investigation of these complaints has indicated that there has been substantial growth of gorse recently. The help of Community Payback has been sought, and a response is awaited.

Action: S. Pain to engage again with the Community Payback scheme and if still not available to request volunteers from the community. T. Roan needs to be kept informed of the situation.


Litter Campaign

Dalbeattie & District Rotary Club has kindly offered £500 funding towards this project which is much appreciated. Thanks to J. Rowland for his help in facilitating this award. Another sponsor may have been identified to fund the shortfall. The project aims to purchase three swing and one ‘A’ frame type signs and use anti-litter posters created by the pupils from Colvend Primary School.


Colvend Hall Emergency Generator Switchgear

Discussed earlier.


Meikle Richorn dyking repairs

This work is still outstanding.


Castle Point Beach Access 

Site meeting held on 24th August with one of the two landowners to discuss the provision of steps on the steep initial section of the path. A formal response from both landowners is now awaited.

The intention is to submit an application for funding (three quotations will be needed) to the Robin Rigg Community Fund before 5th November to support this project.






Gala Day

John Coates advised that, despite 33mm of rain falling on the day, the event attracted approx. 200 visitors and was enjoyed by all, particularly the children. Despite the poor weather on the day the event was deemed a success and repeating the event next year and beyond was discussed. 

It was agreed that the white awning used at the Gala should be purchased from Mr & Mrs A. Murphy for £100 to ensure its availability for future years.

Action: J. Coates to make initial enquiries about a preferred date for next year and report back.


Exercise Clubs

Table Tennis & Carpet Bowls

The public meeting held July 15 to discuss these two activities brought out the following points:

The two activities should be run simultaneously on the same night to boost attendance.

Philip Harper (Senior) is willing to advise on the rules of Carpet Bowls although his attendance will need to be negotiated.

In respect to Carpet Bowls, there is a vast difference it seems, between the wooden alley and short mat style of play and each has its own rules and specific bowl type. It was initially thought that we could start with the wooden alleys and then switch to the short mats if demand grew but this is now not feasible. Also, the wooden alleys are very heavy, difficult to set out and store away due to their size and weight. It was decided therefore to start out with the short mats.

We have one Table Tennis table kindly donated by J. Coates and it is thought that this will be enough to start with, an additional table can be sourced fairly quickly if there is a demand. A Table Tennis coach has been identified for at least the initial sessions.

These will be held weekly, Tuesday night 7pm – 9pm, commencing October 20th and the launch session will have entry and refreshments sponsored by the CSCC. 

Walking Football

It was agreed to defer starting this activity until further discussion had taken place.


Community Get-togethers

The Eats & Treats Tea Room has offered to host these sessions and there is a grant available to fund such initiatives although the application closing date is next week. It was agreed to apply for the grant and decide at the next meeting how and when to use it.

Action: G. Webster to add a Community Get-together as an important agenda item for October.


Community Talks Programme

It was agreed to defer starting this activity.




It was generally thought that the path was in good order.

Action: G. Webster to contact MP for further information.




The problem of the ice cream van in Rockcliffe having its engine running constantly has been raised and it has been suggested that an electrical option would be the way forward. It was agreed to carry out some background investigation before proceeding further.

Action: J. Coates to discuss the situation diplomatically with the vehicle owner and report back.





No objections raised.



All correspondence has been duly forwarded.



K. Filer raised the current state of Nelson’s Grave and asked for help in carrying out some tidying and general maintenance of the area. 

Action: D. Roan to contact K. Coltart to see if he could help.


October AGM

Preparations and requirements for the October AGM were discussed including the statutory period of public notification.

The format of the October meeting was also discussed and a decision will be made nearer the time.

Action 1: D. Roan to contact M. Parry to ensure full audited accounts will be available and obtain the Zoom contract renewal date.

Action 2: G. Webster to advertise forthcoming AGM on WhatsApp, Facebook, CSCC website and all local noticeboards.

Action 3: G. Webster to distribute October Agenda at least two weeks before the meeting.


S. Pain reported a situation arose in July as a result of a Standing Order for paying the Information Commissioner not being transferred over when the CSCC changed bank accounts.

Action: D. Roan to check with M. Parry that there is a SO / DD in place for future payments.


S. Pain also reported there was a complaint raised at the Gala that the shelter roof leaked very badly and he has taken suitable photographs to show the extent. The shelter was supplied with a 15-year warranty and could be considered unfit for purpose to have a leak so soon. As it was also formally handed over to DGC getting the issue resolved with the supplier lies in their hands.

Action: S. Pain to contact I. Blake to discuss the situation.

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