Community Council Minutes 7 March 2024


Thursday 7 March 2024 at 7.00 pm in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENTChair – Roderick Morriss (RM), Vice Chair – Simon Pain (SWP), Secretary – Gordon Webster (GW); Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Kenneth Coltart (KC), Tracey Roan (TR); Minute Secretary – Gwen Coates (GC)

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC:  Elspeth Collins-Taylor (ECT); Careema Wilson (CW); Catherine Coulson (CC), Save Sandyhills Group (SSG) – Peter Shaw (PS)


APOLOGIESTreasurer – John Rowland (JR); Elected CC: Matthew Pumphrey (MP); Local Cllrs - David Stitt (DS), Ian Blake (IB)




Adoption of the Minutes from 1 February 2024

The minutes were proposed by SWP and accepted by members with one amendment – point 8 of Projects should read TN (Tom Nichol) not BN



  1. Replacement CSCC website manager - update. The current website has been largely replicated on the new platform. We now need a decision as to whether we continue with the same format on the new platform or take the opportunity to revamp before launching on the new platform. CW has expressed interest in becoming the new website manager and will speak to Stuart King about taking this forward. SWP noted the need for urgency in relation to this issue to allow the LPP information to be put on the website asap. To consider at the next meeting. (GW/SWP/CW)
  2. Rural Post Office service update. No further information on this. GW agreed to contact DS (who was not present) to check if he had further information. To consider at the next meeting. (GW)
  3. Rockcliffe – road flooding opposite Colbein due to blocked drains. This issue has been dealt with. There was no flooding during the recent heavy rain. This matter is now closed. 



The police report was sent to members prior to the meeting. There were two items noted: 

17/01 – 24/01 theft of scaffolding poles from Steadstone area, enquiries ongoing. 

02/02 – possible break into shed, Barnbarroch area, enquiries ongoing.



The following Treasurer’s report (for March 2024) was forwarded to members prior to the meeting:


Transaction Description










SIGNRIGHT GRAPHIX for Barnbarroch Sign










Members agreed the planned expenditure for March, including payment for the use of Colvend Public Hall plus various Gala-related costs including insurance and bouncy castle fees. PS suggested that the large balance (just short of £38,000) may give the impression that CSCC has a lot of spare funds when, in fact, much of this is already committed (currently mainly towards the funding of the Kippford Nature Reserve shelter). He suggested that it might be helpful to include details of committed, but not yet spent, funding so that members of the public reading the minutes have a more accurate idea of CSCC’s financial situation. Members agreed that, although this approach is not formal accounting practice, it would be helpful.  



- Elspeth Ann Collins-Taylor, Barnhourie Mill, Sandyhills, Dalbeattie, DG5 4PU.

Proposer: Gordon Webster, The Four Winds, Colvend, Dalbeattie, DG5 4QA.

- Careema Wilson, Clonyard Hotel, Colvend, Dalbeattie, DG5 4PU.

Proposer: John Coates, Westlin, Rockcliffe, Dalbeattie, DG5 4QQ.

There was unanimous agreement to adopt both the above individuals as co-opted community council members. GWconfirmed that he had received the agreement of those members who were not present at tonight’s meeting.  



GW informed members that since the February 2024 meeting, all of last year’s flyers have been renewed and some additional ones have been posted.  He received a text during the meeting to advise that lambs will be in fields within the next two weeks.  It was agreed that this item should be kept as a place holder and only activated if there was something new to report. 



Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report detailing progress on a number of the projects and the community involvement initiatives mentioned below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of additional issues discussed at the meeting. 

  1. Barnbarroch Core Path 20 sign refurbishment update. A note of thanks has been sent to Dalbeattie and District Lions for the funding they provided for this work. This project is now complete. 
  2. Kippford Nature Reserve Shelter update. Exchange of contracts with Finn Barlow is in process and workshop construction work is about to start. There will be a public opening ceremony towards the end of August. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  3. Information Centre. SWP advised that some of the displays are starting to delaminate and will require new edge strips to prevent further damage, he will obtain a quotation for the materials required. (SWP) This project is ongoing.
  4. Rockcliffe Toilets renovation. The installation of PIR (passive infrared sensor) lighting has been agreed and will be completed shortly. It was suggested that the flooring might be peeling again, JC agreed to check this. (JC/SWP) This project is on-going.
  5. Resilience Team grant application. The project awaits the outcome of a grant application – expected mid-April. (SWP/JS) This project is on-going. 
  6. Portling Defibrillator. SWP noted that applications for funding ends on 17 March 2024 meaning that this project has been ‘timed out’. He suggested it be taken off the agenda but raised again towards the end of the year in order to take advantage of the next funding round, by which time the Coastguard will hopefully have made a decision. Remove this project from the agenda and reintroduce towards the end of the year. 
  7. Rockcliffe pier. RM noted that the pier at Rockcliffe was in desperate need of repair. It is currently fenced off because it is dangerous to walk on. It is not clear who owns it. A Rockcliffe resident is currently trying to establish if the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) owns it. RM thought that repairs would cost approximately £20,000. It was decided to await ownership establishment before pursuing this further. (RM) This project is ongoing. 
  8. War Memorial renovation update. The grant funding has been received. This project is closed.

There was also a short discussion about Kippford Yacht Club and pier. It was noted that there are plans to convert/rebuild the club house and about whether to expand or rebuild the pier. 



1.   Evening Talks Programme. JC told members that the next talk will be on Friday 22 March when the National Trust for Scotland (NTS) will be discussing their role both nationally and locally. GW asked if it might be appropriate to raise the issue of the Rockcliffe pier (see point 7 of Projects above). JC agreed to mention this to his NTS contact and ask if they might include this in their talk. (JC) This item is on-going.

2.   2024 Colvend Family Gala. Members were advised that the timing of the Gala (on Saturday 25 May) will now take place from 12 noon to 4.30 p.m. to coincide with the monthly Local Produce Market and the Dumfries and Galloway Spring Fling event (featuring local artist Phillipa Sinclair) in Colvend Public Hall. Most of the Gala activities to be held have already been organised. There was discussion about the organisation of visitor car parking, which is likely to depend on the weather and the resulting condition of the field usually available for parking. JC will liaise with the local police if there is a need for visitors to park along the road side in the event the field not being suitable due to weather conditions. JC agreed to discuss whether tea and coffee might be part of Roan’s Milk Bar provision. JC said that more volunteers were needed to man the stalls and activities and asked that people contact him if they are able to help. (JC,SWP,JR,CW). This item is on-going.

3.   Warm Hub. JC asked that this item be removed from the agenda and reintroduced after the summer when the weather becomes cold again. (JC) This item to be removed until later in the year. 

4.   Support for Dalbeattie Banking Hub.  This agenda item was included at the request of a resident of Portling. CSCC was asked if it might send a letter in support of this initiative.  SWP informed members that the mobile banking facility in Dalbeattie will end shortly. Members are supportive of improved banking services generally but were not clear about whether the withdrawal of banking services in Dalbeattie also affected the weekly mobile service provided in Kippford. Nor were they clear about what services a banking hub might provide and whether such services are included in those provided by the mobile Post Office van that visits Colvend a number of times each week. SWP agreed to seek clarification of these points. (SWP) This item is on-going.  

5.   Community Heating oil purchasing proposal from Oilfast Oil Ltd. There was discussion among members about whether this proposal was financially competitive for residents and what the best local opportunities were. Consensus was not to pursue this and SWP agreed to contact the company and thank them for the information but inform them that CSCC would not pursue this further. GW advised that, for many years when he had an oil boiler, he was a member of The Oil Club ( which is a national organisation that negotiates rates for local clubs (Kippford was the club he joined when he moved to Colvend). This item is complete. 



1.  22/0197/SCO Scoping Opinion – paused awaiting applicant response. 

2.  23/1426/FUL Sandyhills proposed car park development – rolling agenda item. PS informed members that the roads department have sent comments to the planning department to say that they cannot support the proposal. However, he noted that the planning department have not yet reported whether they support the development or not. 

There was a general discussion among members about preparation for when the above application would be heard before the Planning Applications Committee (PAC). The agenda for PAC meetings is only published the week before the meeting and therefore at relatively short notice. Both the CC and the SSG have registered with DGC Planning to make their own representations before the PAC at the appropriate meeting when the application is on the agenda. There was also discussion about the practicalities of how the many objectors could attend, if they so wish, to demonstrate their objection to the application. Placards could be made in advance and transport would need to be organised in advance although the latter might be difficult given the short notice of the agenda. Such a demonstration would hopefully encourage press coverage. PS agreed to go back to discuss these points with the SSG.   

3.  23/1711/CLE Certificate of Lawfulness. GW said this was stalled indefinitely pending a determination from DGC. 

4.  23/2027/SCR Screening Request related to 23/1426/FUL.

5.  Local Place Plan. 

Housing Needs Assessment. SWP told members that the number of pupils at Colvend Primary School next year is projected to be above the minimum needed to keep the school open. Given this and the agreed importance of attracting young families to the area, there was discussion about whether CSCC could be instrumental in the building of a number of homes for young families - hence the commissioning of a Housing Needs Assessment (see item 8 of the Projects report).

Results of 2nd community Survey. The results of the survey will form the basis for the development of a draft plan, which will be on display at the Gala on 25 May for residents to consider.  SWP noted that an additional meeting of CSCC members is likely to be needed once the draft LPP is complete (perhaps via Zoom). An application is proposed to be put to the D&G LPP fund for a £500 contribution towards the cost of purchasing bespoke display materials for the display of the LPP at the Gala. It was indicated that the CSCC would need to contribute a sum of £95 to cover the cost of display boards. Members agreed this sum. (SWP)



  1. ECT asked about the condition of a footbridge on the Sandyhills to Portling part of the coastal path. Members discussed who the relevant contacts were regarding this and GW to forward contact details. RM noted that the upgrading work on the coastal path is progressing slowly. 
  2. SWP explained that fencing in front of the Rockcliffe wastewater treatment plant on the coastal path has been replaced with wire fencing (to allow access for adders). A number of complaints had been received because this new fencing does not provide the coastal path with any screening to hide the wastewater tanks. In response, green hessian mesh has been added to the fencing to screen the plant and additional tree planting will be undertaken to replace trees damaged when the fencing was changed. He also noted that modifications installed at the plant mean that the quality of outflow from the plant will be the best standard that is available – this because Rockcliffe is a bathing beach. 
  3. RM said that he is to have a meeting with Rev John Murdoch to discuss the potential closure of Southwick Church.



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