Community Council Minutes 1st February 2024


Thursday 1 February 2024 at 7.00 pm in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENTChair for the evening-Matthew Pumphrey (MP), Vice Chair – Simon Pain (SWP), Secretary – Gordon Webster (GW); Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Kenneth Coltart (KC),; Local Cllr - David Stitt (DS); Kippford Association Representative – David Butler (DB); Minute Secretary – Gwen Coates (GC)

MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: Sue Gourlay (SG), Tom Nichol (TN), Clive Sinclair (CS), Julian Stanning (JS), Save Sandyhills Group (SSG) – Elspeth and Peter Shaw (ES, PS), Careema Wilson (CW) 


APOLOGIES: Chair – Roddy Morriss (RM), Treasurer – John Rowland (JR); Elected CC: Kristine Filer (KF); Local Cllrs - Ian Blake (IB), Kim Lowe (KL)




Adoption of the Minutes from 7 December 2023

The minutes, which were proposed by JC and seconded by KC, were accepted by members with no amendments or objections. 



  1. Replacement CSCC website manager and Facebook administrator – update. GW advised that the new website was ready to launch however he needed to speak to JR as to the strategy i.e., do we just run a cloned site or do we review and revamp the new website. SWP noted that it is becoming urgent to have the new website live in order to provide a platform for the LPP. SWP informed members that James Wilson has taken over the Facebook administration from Tracy Roan (TR). To consider at the next meeting. (GW/SWP)
  2. Openreach Community Partnership Full Fibre for Rockliffe residents. This matter is to be removed from the agenda until an update from Openreach is received. (GW)
  3. PSTN 2025 switch off – update. This matter is to be removed from the agenda until an update from Openreach is received. (GW)
  4. Rural Post Office service update. GW still hasn’t been able to obtain the contact details of the Area Manager. DS said that he would assist in getting this information. DS said that Kirkbean CC had received an email from the Post Office explaining the problem and apologising for the lack of services due to vehicle breakdown. GW asked to receive a copy of the Kirkbean minutes.  To consider at the next meeting. (GW)



The police report was sent to members prior to the meeting. There was nothing to report. 



The below Treasurer’s report was forwarded to members prior to the meeting. 

The current bank balance is £ 37,484.08

Transactions in the period December 2023 – January 2024 were:

























CHEQUE DEPOSIT The Peoples Project
















SWP informed members that a large proportion of this balance (over £29,000) has been earmarked for imminent expenditure, much of it in relation to the Kippford Nature Reserve shelter. 



CSCC currently has two co-opted councillor vacancies. Two local residents have volunteered to fill these vacancies and their details are as follows:


Vacancy 1: Elsbeth Ann Collins-Taylor, Barnhourie Mill, Sandyhills, Dalbeattie, DG5 4PU.

Proposer: Gordon Webster, The Four Winds, Colvend, Dalbeattie, DG5 4QA.

Vacancy 2: Careema Wilson, Clonyard Hotel, Colvend, Dalbeattie, DG5 4PU.

Proposer: John Coates, Westlin, Rockcliffe, Dalbeattie, DG5 4QQ.

There was a general discussion regarding the CC membership and MP asked if anyone knew if TR wished to continue as a member. GW agreed to contact TR regarding this. If TR wishes to resign, MP proposed that DB (currently a representative of the Kippford Association) be considered as a co-opted councillor. If TR wishes to continue in her role as councillor, MP said that he would resign in order to enable DB, as a resident of Kippford to replace him. 

MP asked each of the proposed candidates and the new Kippford Association representative to give a brief summary of themselves and their connection to the community.



The lambing season is coming round again. CS noted that we are coming up to the most vulnerable time in terms of this. GW agreed to renew the warning notices posted around the area last year and CS said he would put up warning notices as appropriate. SWP will put information about this issue on the local WhatsApp groups. To consider at the next meeting.



Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report detailing progress on a number of the projects and the community involvement initiatives mentioned below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of additional issues discussed at the meeting. 


  1. Barnbarroch Core Path 20 sign refurbishment update. No additional issues discussed. (SWP) This project is on-going
  2. Kippford Nature Reserve Shelter update. The £15000 grant application to the Robin Rigg Community Fund was successful. CSCC received a letter of congratulations from Alister Jack MP in relation to the £10,000 awarded by the National Lottery Community Fund for this project. GW was asked to write a letter on behalf of CSCC to Mark Jardine for the £3,000 funding received from the People’s Project. Finn Barlow, who will build the shelter, has asked for payment to be made in three stages. This was agreed by members. SWP noted that the final cost might exceed the total funding available and this may have to be covered by CSCC or by the members of CSCC volunteering to complete some of the required work. GW asked for the precise location of the shelter. SWP agreed to send details of the location.  (SWP) This project is on-going.
  3. War Memorial renovation update. The grant funding is still awaited. No other issues discussed. (RM/SWP) This project is closed.
  4. Information Centre. No additional issues discussed. (SWP) This project is deferred to next meeting.
  5. Rockcliffe Toilets renovation. In addition to the points mentioned in the report, JC noted that the lights are on all through the night and a number of local residents have complained about this as the light shines into their homes. He suggested that existing lights be replaced by PIR (passive infrared sensor) lights.  SWP has already passed these snagging issues to Scott McMeeken (D&G Ward Officer) (JC/SWP) This project is on-going.
  6. RSPB Mersehead Benches. No additional issues discussed. (SWP) This project is closed.
  7. Resilience Team grant application. JS said that a small group would be convened to take relevant actions forward. SWP will undertake risk assessments of any activities to be undertaken. (SWP/JS) This project is on-going. 
  8. Portling Defibrillator. BN informed members that no progress had been made about this issue and there was no further information. SWP said the deadline for funding was March 2024. (SWP) This project is on-going.


1.  Evening Talks Programme. JC explained that the speaker for the most recent event did not turn up. This proved to be a somewhat difficult situation as approximately 80 people turned up for the talk. The speaker got in touch after the event to explain that he had been suddenly taken ill and was unable to contact JC. The February talk will feature Kate Bentley, a renowned local artist. The March talk will feature the National Trust discussing its work in the local area. (JC) This item is on-going.

2.  2024 Colvend Family Gala. JC said the gala will coincide with the Spring Fling event and the local market. MPsuggested that a sub-committee consisting of JCSWPJR and CW, with a quorum of 3 people, should be created. This will allow decision-making and actions to be delegated to this group and thus facilitate a more efficient process. Regular reporting back to the CSCC will keep everyone informed. This was agreed. (JC). This item is on-going.

3.  Warm Hub. JC explained that he had recently been in Cumbria and was invited into a village hall that acted as a ‘warm hub’. This involved the space being opened up once a week to provide food, hot drinks, a warm room and to facilitate a place for people to meet. JC suggested something similar could take place in Colvend village hall if CSCC was willing to support it. DB mentioned that the local Rotary Club has introduced something similar in Dalbeattie. JC and DB were asked to discuss this idea and prepare a proposal to be discussed at the July CSCC meeting. (JC/DB) This item to be considered at the July meeting. 




  1. 22/0197/SCO Scoping Opinion – paused awaiting applicant response.
  2. 23/1426/FUL Sandyhills proposed car park development – rolling agenda item.
  3. 23/1711/CLE Certificate of Lawfulness.
  4. 23/2027/SCR Screening Request related to 23/1426/FUL.   GW expressed frustration regarding the lack of response from DGC Planning in regard to the extension requested by the developer in relation to the Certificate of Lawfulness. DS stated that he had also experienced a similar lack of communication from Planning. PS explained what the SSG are doing via their legal representative. He noted that they have received no response from DGC to the letters sent previously by their legal representative. DS said that he will raise the issue of non-communication with the CEO Dawn Roberts. GW said that the MSP Finlay Carson although he could not intervene personally, has emailed Planning asking them to respond to questions from CSCC. PS noted that the next calendared Planning Applications Committee (PAC) meeting is 28 February and the agenda will be made available the week before. Whenever the above application(s) come before the PAC the SSG will exercise their right to speak before the committee and the CC intend to do likewise. A sub-committee consisting of GW/JR/MP have already met to begin formulating the CC response which will be circulated to members for approval. PS summarised the recent activities of SSG, including fundraising, development of their website, zoom and face-to-face meetings of the group.    
  5. Forestry & Land Scotland Kinharvie & Southwick land management plan. Details of the plan and the consultation process were sent to members prior to this meeting and will also be posted on local WhatsApp groups.
  6. Local Place Plan. The target date for the draft plan to be ready for public viewing is 25 May 2024. This is the day of the Colvend Family Gala and should provide a good opportunity for a large number of people to view the plan and leave comments. SWP told members that the responses to the initial questionnaire have been analysed and the main issues summarised. He noted however that the response rate for this questionnaire was low. As a result, a second questionnaire has been devised for the public to complete and return by the end of February. SWP explained that this second questionnaire requires simple yes/no responses and should not take longer than 10 minutes to complete. JS suggested that it would be useful if the survey asked those completing it to include the area/village they live in to determine whether people living in different locations had different responses. SWP asked DB if he would encourage residents in Kippford to complete the survey because there were very few responses to the first questionnaire from there. (SWP)



  1. JC raised the issue of rocks on Rockcliffe beach. He felt that they were a potential hazard for bathers and others engaging in water-based activities. GC and JS disagreed, suggesting that the rocks were a deterrent to larger boats coming into the bay and mooring on the beach. No further discussion or actions were noted.  
  2. JC has been in touch with the representative from SWesTrans about the bus shelter in Rockcliffe. This was originally planned for completion before Christmas. He has been assured that it will be completed within the next two months. 
  3. JC raised the issue of significant flooding on the road opposite Colbein in Rockcliffe. He said this occurs whenever it rains heavily and noted that it can be dangerous. It is caused by blocked drains. DS agreed to take action on this. 
  4. Given the query about grit bins raised in AOCB at the previous meeting, JS said that sufficient bins are in position and all are full. 
  5. SWP suggested that CSCC should formally recognise local boy Logan Carson who skipped Team GB’s  mixed curling rink to a Gold Medal at the recent Winter Youth Olympic games held in Korea.  
  6. SWP said that Mark Jardine had asked if trees could be planted along the coastal path at Rockcliffe to screen the waste water treatment works. As this is National Trust land, the Trust’s agreement will be needed.   to pursue this.
  7. DB summarised issues raised in relation to the Kippford Water Treatment works. This included screening, smell, noise, lighting, the amount of time work will take to connect the two sites and the disruption to road users and residents in general. He noted that only one resident has raised objections and explained that this was likely to be because most of the houses near the site were holiday homes. 
  8. MP formally thanked and congratulated SWP for all the money he has managed to obtain for CSCC activities. Members were in full agreement.



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