AGM Minutes 7th October 2021




PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Pain - Vice Chair, M. Parry – Treasurer, G. Webster - Secretary, CCs J. Coates, K. Filer, H. Rowe.


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: J. Rowland, J. Stanning.


APOLOGIES: CC T. Roan, Cllrs D. Stitt, I. Blake.




Adoption of the Minutes from 1st October 2020


With no amendments the minutes were approved by J. Coates.




The Chairman reported that the past 12 months had been difficult and none of us could have visualised what we would be going through both in terms of health and being careful with loved ones, families losing loved ones, all the things that have gone with the Covid crisis. As far as our community is concerned more the fact that we could not meet up, being in a community is all about being able to meet face to face. Although Zoom has served a very useful purpose, it is not the same as being in the same room and able to gauge individual reactions to the topics under discussion.


As a council we have done remarkably well over the past year, what we have achieved and what we have worked out and worked on at our Zoom meetings is a credit to us all. Even with the challenges the council has been able to continue and easily achieved, if not surpassed, a ‘normal’ year’s workload despite the circumstances. 


 Achievements this year include;


  • The building of a new bus shelter at Southwick.
  • Installation of the Crannog Visitor Interpretation Board at Barean Loch.
  • Refurbishment of two other bus shelters.
  • New noticeboards for the three bus shelters.
  • Although not yet complete the Coastal Path Visitor Interpretation Signs have taken up a lot of time in design and preparatory work including negotiations with landowners.
  • Maintenance of the Coastal Path is underway thanks to the Community Payback scheme.
  • Purchase of the anti-litter signs / A frames are imminent after a successful collaboration with the school.
  • The emergency generator connection has been installed in the hall and will possibly be put to use in the near future with notification of a planned power outage in November.
  • Organising of and holding a successful Gala Day (thanks to J. Coates and his subcommittee) despite the unfortunate inclement weather on the actual day.
  • Putting together a package of sport facilities for the coming season that include Table Tennis and Short Mat Bowls in the public hall / committee room.
  • Planning of community get-togethers and possibly talks in the hall.

Thanks was given to S. Pain for his invaluable efforts in seeking out and procuring the necessary funding for all our projects. The Community Council were all generally thanked for their playing their part, H. Rowe especially for becoming a new member and giving a much-welcomed representation in the Southwick end of the parish. A. Whitby has recently moved to Dalbeattie and left the council; thanks was given for her work in the past. M. Pennell also left the council earlier this year and was also thanked for his contribution. G. Webster was thanked for taking over the role of Secretary and it was felt that, although being a fairly new resident, he has settled in to the role admirably. A local resident has come forward to fill the role of Minute Secretary vacated earlier this year by S. Robertson when she too moved to Dalbeattie.




All Office bearers were prepared to stand for another term and the following were adopted unanimously:


Derek Roan – Chairman (1)

Simon Pain – Vice Chairman

Mark Parry – Treasurer (2)

Gordon Webster – Secretary


  1. The Chairman advised that he was prepared to stand again however only until the Colvend Right of Way issue was resolved to his satisfaction. At that point he would wish to stand down as Chairman and continue as a Community Councillor.
  2. The Treasurer advised that he would like to stand down at the end of March 2022 however with the next AGM being in May 2022 he agreed to continue until the AGM had been held.

S. Pain expressed warm appreciation to Derek, not only on behalf of the council, but everyone in the parish too, for his steady Chairmanship through what has been a very difficult period within the community over recent years. He felt that it is thanks to Derek’s presence on the council that local interest has increased and offers of help have been forthcoming.




The accounts were adopted without amendment by S. Pain.

Go to the link below to view that accounts.




It was noted that the next AGM will be held in May 2022 in accordance with a return to standard process.