Solway Firth Partnership


The Solway Firth Partnership works to support a vibrant and sustainable local economy while respecting, protecting and celebrating the distinctive character, heritage and natural features of our marine and coastal area.  


They do this by working with people on both sides of the Solway Firth and further afield on a wide range of projects.


Their website includes details of the Solway Coastwise project and the details of  SIMCelt initatives (Supporting Implementation of Marine Spatial Planning in the Celtic Seas).  You can also download their comprehensive (280 pages) review of the Solway Firth and every aspect of it.  Download this from their What We Do page.  To keep up to date you can also subscribe to their newsletter.


The Solway Firth Partnership publishes a number of magazines and brochures which you can download to help you gain more enjoyment from our coast.  



Following on from the success of the Coastwise Beach Guide a new guide linking place names and wildlife is now available.

The guide is an introduction to the creatures and plants that have inspired place names on the long and varied coast of Dumfries and Galloway. The names we give to places help us describe a location to other people. Place names help us find our way in both the physical and cultural landscape by providing a short description of a place. Place names can provide clues about where to see wildlife and while some, like Juniper Rock, are easy to understand other names need a bit of explaining. 

Take a look at the guide to find out about the wildlife involved in places like Partan Craig or Pyot Hole. The cormorant with its distinctive plumage and habit of standing on rocks with its wings spread has different local names including Black Dookers and Dooky Divers. Dookers Bing, Scart Rock and  Ducker Bay all refer to places along the rocky coast where cormorants can be seen roosting and nesting. 


Click on the headings below to download this and the other guides. 



Tide Lines 

This is a 24-page magazine produced twice a year featuring interesting articles, beautiful photographs, news, views and events around the Solway including RSPB Mershead.  The winter 2017 edition is now available.


Beach Guide

Details of all the beaches along the Solway both within our community and beyond. You can see the Family Star rating and Adventurers Star rating for Sandyhills and Rockcliffe beaches. In July 2017 their guide was updated.



A beachcombers guide to the Solway


Solway Flowers

An illustrated guide to 16 of the flowers you can find along the Solway from Common Glasswort to Silverweed (recommended as insoles for tired feet).


Solway Shells

An illustrated guide to the most common shells to be found along the coast complete will full-size colour pictures to aid identification


(NEW) Wildlife Guide - Scotland's Southern Coast 

This new wildlife guide is an introduction to the creatures and plants that have inspired place names on the long and varied coast of Dumfries & Galloway. 



Go to their website here for lots more information regarding the Solway, from windfarms to development projects, including fishy recipes and fishy tails.