PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, E. Fisher, K. Filer, Cllr D. Stitt, K. Coultart, M. Pumphrey, 

M. McGhie (minute secretary), PC Blacklock

Members of public – A. Dingle, M. Riding, C. Robertson, J. Stanning, J. Rowland


APOLOGIES: I. Blake, R. Davidson, S. Pain, G. Fox, J. Coates, T. Roan, M. Parry, A. Grafton


MINUTES OF MEETING 7/6/18:   Treasurers Report– should be worded ‘Two cheques each for £8,000 made payable, one of which has been cashed but the other not presented’              Proposed – E. Fisher, Signed – D. Roan


POLICE REPORT:  PC Blacklock didn’t have a lot to report. There is an ongoing investigation about the arson attack at Edingham. There has been some graffiti spray painting in the Castle Douglas area which the Police are looking into. The Police will be starting a campaign against drinking and drugs until the 23rdJuly. They are also linking with the I Am Me charity which helps raise awareness of disability hate crime. The Police are trying to get shops in the area to take part in this scheme to help vulnerable people in the community.

S. Gourlay raised the issue of the Bowman’s complaint regarding parking at Rockliffe. The Police have spoken to the Bowmans but can only help if there is an obstruction. They are still corresponding with the D&G Council about a no through road sign at the road end.



1)  National Park Meeting – D. Roan, S. Gourlay and S. Pain all attended the meeting on the 19thJune in Dalbeattie. There were concerns raised over planning applications and how it would affect businesses in the area. They were reassured that the planning shouldn’t be restrictive and that becoming a National Park could open avenues to other funding. A. Dingle reported that there is a 51 page document about the National Park online if anyone wants to know anything more.

2)  Notice Boards – The notice board at the Hall in Colvend has been replaced but still needs painting. Notice board at Rockcliffe still needs renovating. E. Fisher to look into it.

3)  Due to the unavailability of A. Grafton to attend this meeting, the vote to co-opt her to the CC has been deferred to the September meeting when she will be present.



The balances are as of June 2018:

Unrestricted Community Council - £ 2054.99            Restricted Robin Rigg Account - £6011.67

Recreational Fund - £8425.43

Two payments of £8000 have now both been paid as has the £9841.20 for the running track.



The Kipp Project Application – A. Dingle, M. Riding and C. Robertson came to the meeting to report to the Community Council what their intentions were if they were to receive funding. They are planning to make pathways for the public to walk through the land with an arboretum which will include several native tree species. They will be planted for interesting and pleasant viewing and will be around 2-3 years old to give a bigger impact sooner. Around 15% of the land will be planted with trees. The group are also planning to rebuild the surrounding dykes and create something special from stone at the entrance to the land. The group have applied for funding from several organisations but would still need money to go towards the car park and bike storage, arboretum and around 250 metres of dyking. 

The CC members present all supported the project and it was decided that they are happy to give commitment and financial support of around £8000 to the project. S. Gourlay to contact Paul Mackey from Solway Firth Partnership to find out when the proposal needs to be in. 

Grey Squirrels – K. Filerasked the CC if the Solway Forest Red Squirrel Network could receive some funds for their project to protect the red squirrels. The grey squirrels have been creeping into the area including Barnbarroch and Kippford Holiday Park. The SFRSN need equipment such as trail cameras and bait feeders to help the red squirrels but lack funds. S. Gourlay to contact Solway Firth Partnership on this matter to see if it meets criteria for funds. The CC agreedto give the SFRSN£400 if the criteria is met. A member of the public kindly offered the sum of money if the CC cannot provide it in time.

Colvend Primary Playground – Pitch preparation is complete. Installation of the shelter is due to start on 9thJuly and is scheduled to take 2-3 days. Seeding the pitch will be later than expected due to the weather. The fencing from James Smith Fencing Ltd is to be installed in early August. Fencing cost has increased from £6288 to £7440 due to the inclusion of a wooden safety rail alongside the first section of the access ramp. The topstones on part of the stone dyke are unstable in the section of the dyke that was previously outside the playing area and will need to be cemented. The group have also approached Dalbeattie Men’s Shed for help with making some rustic benches. S. Pain also thanked the volunteers who helped with the playground project.

Information Centre– Work is now complete. A new bench has been purchased for £40 and has been placed under the Information centre porch area. Expenditure to date is £431.33 against the budget of £500. The invoice for re-plastering is still awaited.



18/0684/FUL – M. Jardine – Seadrift, Rockcliffe – Granted unconditionally

18/0442/FUL – Kevin Gibson – Plot 28, Waterside, Kippford – Granted conditionally

18/0383/PIP – P. Cauldwell – Sunadal, Southwick – Granted conditionally

18/0674/FUL – M. Tomlinson – Gibbs House, Kippford – Granted unconditionally



D&G Council – Community Choices Fund 2018/19

 Armistice and Armed Forces Communities – Question and answer document

 Review of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils in Dumfries & Galloway reminding everyone that Phase 3 of the consultation for the Amended Review ended on the 26thJune. Draft is available to read online.

Road Works Report w/c 25/06/2018

Fiona MacKinnon - Proposed Maggie’s Centre for D&G Community Council Support request

Scottish Rural Action – June Newsletter

SCVS - Special General Meeting of Stewartry CVS 31STJuly at St Ninians Church Hall, Castle Douglas, 2.30pm

Scottish Water - Customers across Scotland asked to use water wisely

Miranda Koster from Understanding ModernGov – Minute Taking Course

D. Roan also received correspondence from someone in the Palnackie region doing a survey about a co operation between CCs following up after the meeting with Bob Shipway. They suggested a person to be paid to handle most of the correspondence, to allocate what was relevant and pass it on to the appropriate Community Council. It may be a good opportunity for other CCs to get together and air any grievances. 


Anyone wishing to see copies of this correspondence should contact the secretary or other member of the Community Council.



1. Liability – M. Pumphrey asked at the last meeting who is liable if the money in the bank runs out before we receive our expected funds from LEADER etc. He will read the constitution and report back.

2.  Resignation of Minute Secretary – M. McGhie has handed in her resignation. The Community Council will be looking to fill the position. The Chairman thanked Marion for all her work.

3.  Broadband – J. Rowland reported sightings of fibre cables being laid near the Southwick exchange and suggested anyone with slow broadband in the area try to find out if they have fibre yet.

4.  Barcloy Road – As the CC were short on time, T. Topping was not invited to the meeting. After several discussions on the road, it was decided to leave the road as it is. The Community Council are not in favour of more signage for a speed limit or an extra passing place. S. Gourlay to discuss with Tony Topping about any alternatives. If he is to be invited to a meeting, some of the residents who made complaints will be notified.

5.  M. Pumphrey attended the Community Conversation Street Scene meeting on the 7thJune and reported that due to the lack of money, they are preventing any jobs in the communities such as litter picking and grass cutting etc.






If you would like to receive an e-mail copy of these minutes directly please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.