PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, M. Parry – Treasurer, S. Pain, K. Coltart, E. Fisher, Matthew Pumphrey, J. Coates, T. Roan, M. McGhie (Minute Secretary), PC C. Scott

Members of public - K. Filer


APOLOGIES: J. Rowland, D. Stitt


MINUTES OF MEETING 5/4/18:   Proposed – S. Gourlay, Signed – D. Roan


POLICE REPORT:  PC Scott reported on operation MONARDA during the 26thand 27thof May. More information to follow. The Police will also be doing pop ups and attending community events around the region handing out information. Four Red Kites have been found dead. One has been confirmed to have been poisoned. Police are working with RSPCA to try and trace the origins of the poison. The CC received copies of Irish counterfeit notes from the Police which have been shown to all.     




1)Litter Campaign– M. Pumphrey and K. Filer attended a meeting at Lockerbie. The suggestion was to look at other regions who have tackled the litter issue successfully, Angus being one of them. M. Pumphrey will contact the relevant body in Angus and report

The idea of removing bins at road sides to encourage drivers to take their rubbish home doesn’t seem to be working in our area. 

S. Pain suggested a working day where the community can pitch in to collect litter. He will contact the Community Safety Team and report back as controlling litter is their responsibility. 

2)Defibrillators – Lucy Stratford has reported that the cost of the battery was £95 plus VAT rather than £

S. Pain to order permanent signs for the defibrillators which are £15 each. The First Responders from Dalbeattie may be able to help as they are keen to put a defibrillator at Colvend Golf Club. L. Stratford will also paint the defibrillator at Colvend as soon as she has time.

3)Alistair Jack Meeting – No one attended.

4)National Park Meeting – There will be a meeting on the 19THJune in Dalbeattie Town Hall, the time is yet to be decided. There will be a CC meeting before the National Park Meeting and if any extra publicity is needed for it, the CC are happy to help with posters.

5)Telescope – J. Coates has made an application to the council to put the telescope in Rockcliffe by the bus stop on the front. J. Coates to keep us informed.

6)Website – S. Pain has confirmed that there is a link on the Community Council website to the Kippford Association.

7)Noticeboards – Large one at Colvend Hall still needs attention. E. Fisher had suggested the noticeboard at Rockcliffe also needs replacing or renovating. The posts need painting and the Perspex window needs replacing. E. Fisher to find someone who can repair it.

8)Signpost at Castle Point – Needs realigned. Possible future project for Robin Rigg funding.





The treasurer reported that there had been no expenditure or income during the last month.

The balances are:

Unrestricted Community Council - £2202.90             Restricted Robin Rigg Account - £14856.26

Defibrillator Fund - £428.30




Colvend Primary School Playground – S. Pain reported that a local contractor will be setting the base for the track first, which should be finished by the end of May. Then RTC have been asked to come in with the surfacing on the first week of June. The group have £28000 of orders placed for work. The shelter has proved more expensive as it has to be approved by the council. The steepness of the disabled ramp has increased so it is now an Assisted Disabled Ramp. A different surface will also be placed on a section of the track for mower access. The work is scheduled to be finished by the end of August. CC has agreed to lend the group money from the Robin Rigg fund if needed, until a refund from LEADER is received.

M. Pumphrey enquired who is liable if the CC overspends. He will find out by next meeting.


Information Centre – Work is completed. The back wall has been re-plastered and painted. The outside of the building has been painted and tourist information leaflets have been restocked. Instead of putting posters up, the tourist information is now displaying pictures drawn by children. The work has been within budget and it was suggested that any extra money could be put towards concrete posts for Colvend Hall noticeboard. S. Pain suggested that the local paper might be interested in all the effort that has gone into the building. S. Pain was thanked by the CC for painting the exterior of the building.



18/0483/FUL – Scottish Water – Kippford WWTW, Craig Roan, Kippford – Continued use of existing temporary kiosk to house dosing water unit until 31 October 2018

18/0442/FUL – Kevin Gibson – Plot 28, Waterside, Kippford – Erection of dwellinghouse with integral garage.



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SCVS - Proposed Elections – No mention in the draft amended Scheme to hold elections following its adoption

           Save The Community and IT Centre

Anyone wishing to see copies of this correspondence should contact the secretary or other member of the Community Council.



  1. Red Squirrels – K. Filer reported that grey squirrels are on the rise and the reds are under threat. There are only two dispatchers in the whole area, so help from anyone who is interested would be gratefully received. To find out more, there is a meeting at The Kings Arms in Dalbeattie at 7pm on the 17thMay. Will give details of setting traps and dispatching greys. Those unable to attend can go to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and request a newsletter.
  2. Co - opting Member– It was suggested that the CC co - opt someone to be a member, as I. Connell has been absent. D. Roan proposed K. Filer to be co opted as a member and S. Gourlay seconded. K. Filer will be adopted at the next meeting.





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