PRESENT:               D.Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, S.Pain (minutes), J. Coates, K. Coltart, E. Fisher, M. Pumphrey, Cllr D. Stitt, Member of public - J. Rowland. 


APOLOGIES:        M.McGhie, M.Parry, T. Roan, Cllr I. Blake, Cllr R. Davidson, K. Filer


MINUTES OF MEETING 1/3/18:                     Proposed – Gourlay, Signed – Duran



POLICE REPORT:                  No police present but a verbal report had been received from PC Blacklock. There had been a break-in at Southwick & an attempted break-in at Kippford. There were reports of motorbikes on the sands at Mersehead. The public are warned that counterfeit £50 notes from Northern Ireland are in circulation (both the old style green notes & the newer purple notes are being counterfeited).




  1. Litter Campaign– M. Pumphrey is to attend a meeting with Zero Waste on 16/4/18 at Lockerbie.
  2. Defibrillators– The new battery for the Rockcliffe defibrillator has been purchased at £90 + VAT. It was agreed to continue supporting all 3 defibrillators until further notice. The cost of permanent signs for the Rockcliffe & Golf Club defibrillators to beAction: SP
  3. Alister Jack Meeting– An area meeting is to be held at Dalbeattie at 2:30pm on 21/4/

    Action: DR/JC/MP/EF/SG      

4. The deferred Network Meetings– SG reported on 2 network meetings held at Kirkcudbright & Castle Douglas. The first meeting was to finalise the new Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils. The consultation period has now closed and Community Council elections will be needed in order to adopt the new constitution.

The second meeting agreed to invite speakers to future meetings. The agenda covered data Protection, AGM constitutional dates, the dualing of the A75 and the continuing inadequacy of broadband services in parts of the region.

5. Galloway National Park Public Meeting – SG reported that she had spoken to Maureen Smyth about the possibility of holding a public meeting at Colvend about the National Park proposal. The plan is to hold an area meeting in Dalbeattie end May / early June. SP recommended interested people to read the very informative discussion white paper about the Galloway National Park proposal on the web




The treasurer submitted an e-mailed report. It was confirmed that the full grant of £12500 towards the Playing Field Project from D&G Council Stewartry Area Committee had been received. 

 Balances as at 31 Mar 2018:

  • EOn Funds: £40,275.72 of which £20,345.61 is held by Solway Firth Partnership
  • Planning refund of £203.50 (included in above figure).
  • Community Funds: £2,759.60
  • Payment for defibrillator battery £128.40
  • Payment for 3 months Minute Secretary £105.00
  • Annual hall hire bill of £150.00 is due




Colvend Primary School Playground – SP thanked DR, JC, MP and Steve Artis for their help in dismantling and moving the fencing around the field. The groundworks have started, although work has been interrupted because of adverse weather. The finished level of the football pitch will be significantly lower than that shown in the original design in order to avoid the need to transport large quantities of earth to the site. This may have consequences to the design of the access ramp and shelter. D&G Council has confirmed that they will process the payment for the shelter but not the payment for the running track. SP is meeting with the proposed track contractor on 9/4/18 with a view to installing the track at the beginning of May.

A simple display about the Playing Field project will be put up in the Information Centre.        Action SP                                                                                                                                                                                          

Information Centre– SP reported that the new electronic “Open” sign had been installed. The fire-damaged wall had been framed and plaster boarded with boarding kindly donated by Rembrand Ltd of Dalbeattie. The final plastering of the wall will be completed in the next few weeks. A new display-board featuring the Core Path route will be installed once the wall is repaired. It was noted that the new sign had had a beneficial effect as there had been a marked increase in the number of visitors using the centre. A sign indicating the contribution that the Eon Community Benefit Fund and Community Council have made to the renovation of the centre should be installed 

Action: SP

Telescope – SP reported on the information that he had received about the reorganisation of the NTS. It was concluded that in the current situation, it was unlikely that agreement would be received to locate the telescope on NTS land. It was suggested that the telescope should be offered to the new Nature Reserve at the Kipp.




17/1788/FUL – Auchenhill Farm. Erection of dwelling house, septic tank & soakaway. Decision-refused

18/0309/FUL – The Whin Auchenhill. Vary planning condition from holiday occupancy to use as a main residence.

18/0319/PIP -  Land At Bogfoot Southwick. Erection of dwelling house

18/0383/PIP -   Sunadal Southwick. Erection of dwelling house



From D&G Council:

  • Road works report
  • List of Planning Applications
  • Invitation to take part in community council satisfaction survey
  • Reminder about consultation re Scheme of Establishment for Community Councils

Scottish Government :

  • Consultation re: update of The Licensing (Procedure) (Scotland) Regulations 2007
  • Consultation re: Bank closures

Police Scotland – April Community surgery notice

Alliance Scotland – GPs primary care changes consultation meeting notice

The Hub Community Action Centre bulletin

Notification of “Big Lunch” events for Eden

Scottish Rural Action - March Newsletter

Solway Firth Partnership - Newsletter 

South Scotland Partnership – South of Scotland Enterprise Agency – launch of consultation.


  1. It was pointed out that the signpost at Castle Point needs some realignment
  2. The Kippford Association have requested mutual links between the Community Council and the Kippford Association websites. S.King will be asked to add the Kippford Association link.                                                                                                                   Action: SP
  3. The noticeboard at Rockcliffe is in need of replacement or renovation.                                             Action: EF
  4. The noticeboard beside the Colvend Hall bins is wobbly & in need of repair                                     Action: SG



 followed by the normal monthly meeting


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