PRESENT:               S.Pain – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, M. Parry – Treasurer, K. Coltart, E. Fisher, Cllr D. Stitt,

Members of public - J. Rowland, K. Filer, D.McCall, R.Copson, A. Dingle


APOLOGIES:         M.McGhie,  Derek Roan, J.Coates P.Harper, T.Roan, Cllr I.Blake, Cllr R.Davidson, Matthew Pumphrey.

The secretary read out a letter of resignation from Community Councillor P.Harper. A letter of appreciation should be sent to Mr Harper for all his contributions to the community of Colvend.                                                          Action SG

MINUTES OF MEETING 1/2/18:   Proposed – K.Coltart, Signed – S.Pain

POLICE REPORTNo police present or Report received. No progress has been made regarding the concerns raised by the Bowmans about parking in Rockcliffe. This will be looked at on their return in early March and there will be a report at the next meeting.

The secretary had received notification that PC Steele Johnson is retiring. It was suggested that a note of appreciation & best wishes should be sent to PC Johnston.                                                                                                       Action SG


  1. Community resource Pack. - The secretary has been in contact with Sue Vest and returned the Pack and suggested that it should be available electronically and that it should include information about the Food Train and RVS Transport service. We were thanked for our Feedback.
  2. Litter Campaign – Attempts have been made to contact Sarah Massey from Zero Waste Scotland to attend a future CC meeting, but no response has been received.
  3. Defibrillators – Lucy Stratford has reported that the battery in the defibrillator at the Colvend Golf Club had expired. As a temporary measure the Rockcliffe defibrillator has been removed and the battery put into the one at the Golf Club. A notice has been put up in Rockcliffe informing that the nearest defibrillator is now at Colvend shop. It was agreed to spend £95 for a replacement battery for the faultyAction LS
  4. Alistair Jack Meeting – It has been confirmed that our MP will be holding an “open” meeting at St George’s Church Hall in Dumfries at 1630 on 21st April. It was suggested that someone should attend this meeting to raise the issues of Broadband coverage and the absence of DAB radio frequencies. This will be raised as an agenda item at the April       Action MMcG
  5. SG had contacted Graham Allison and Tony Topping from the Council’s Roads Dept regarding Safety on the Barcloy Road. Michael MacDonald, Police Scotland Road Safety Officer has also been contacted. An inspection of the road is to be made.
  6. The Network Meeting on 28th February was cancelled due to weather conditions.



The treasurer reported that there had been no expenditure during the last month. A payment for £11000 has been made into the account, but this does not tally with the expected £12500 grant expected from the D&G Council towards the Playing Field Project. This discrepancy needs to be checked.                                               Action MP / SP



Colvend Primary School Playground  – SP reported that groundworks would start on the playing field at the beginning of April. Help is needed to dismantle the existing fencing, meeting at Colvend School at 0930 on Saturday 24th March.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Action All

SP stated that so far no agreement had been reached with the D&G Council to allow them to process the purchases of the running track and shelter. This is a critically important decision from both the point of view of the project’s cash flow, and to minimise VAT charges. As a result, the revised quotations for the track, fencing and shelter have not been able to proceed yet with the potential consequence that the completion of the project may be delayed. As a part of the conditions of the LEADER grant, SP had attended a ½ day training course on how to claim the grant. It is clear that the processing of LEADER grant claims will be a very slow & laborious process, taking a minimum of 8 weeks per claim (we will need to make at least 5 claims). This delay in receiving grant claim payments may also delay the completion date of the project.


Mr Alan Dingle (Chairman of the Kipp Sub-Committee of the Kippford Association) gave an interesting presentation about the plans for the development of the Kipp at Kippford. The Kipp land is 20 hectares of pasture / woodland /wetland that was purchased by the Kippford Association in September 2017, following an appeal to members of the Association.

The plan is to enhance the land in harmony with the surrounding environment, but to retain it as a location where nature can thrive.  The development will provide disabled access pathways, and opportunities for school activities and involvement. The remains of a stone age fort are believed to exist within the site.

The secretary suggested that the team could apply for a share of the final year’s Eon Windfarm funding to help with the development costs & that the application should be in by July 2018.

Guided walks of the site will be available on Saturday 17th, Sunday 25th & Saturday 31st March and a village open day about the Kipp development will take place on 7th April.


18/0013/FUL:    Erection of log cabin for holiday let with Septic Tank & Soakaway at Treeling, Portling

18/0218/FUL:    Erection of Dwelling House, Garage, Biodisc & Soakaway, Barean Way Colvend

17/2143/FUL:    Erection of South elevation of dwelling house at Lanby, Colvend. – granted unconditionally.

A decision in relation to the application to expand the Castle Point Caravan Park is still pending.


 From D&G Council:

  • Road works report
  • List of Planning Applications
  • Notification of “scam” e-mails to Community Councils
  • Notification that D&G Council has agreed a budget for 2018/19
  • Severe weather updates

From Police Scotland

  • Annual Police Plan
  • Crime Prevention advice – Lambing season (Chloe Ellis)
  • Retiral of Community Policeman – Steele Johnson

From Stewartry Council for Voluntary Services:

  • Galloway National Park Project meeting at Borgue Community Council. D Stitt brought GNPA brochures.
  • Requests for volunteers for the Befriending Project
  • Well Connected Communities survey

The Hub community action centre – Annual report

Scottish Water – Report on “Shaping the Future of Waste & Water Services

Anyone wishing to see copies of this correspondence should contact the secretary or another member of the Community Council.



  1. SG mentioned that we were required to amend the ICO data protection insurance certificate since the Community Council is not a “public authority”. This change has been made at no cost.
  2. Concerns were expressed by various attendees about the rumours that changes in the NTS organisation might affect Rockcliffe. It was suggested that a representative of the NTS be invited to a future meeting to explain the consequences of the NTS re-organisation.                                                                                                   Action SP
  3. JR commented that he had written to Alistair Jack MP about the inadequacy of the broadband service and read out the reply he had received. He suggested that someone should attend the meeting with Mr Jack on 21st April  to emphasise the point. EF added that it was not just broadband, but he said that there was no DAB radio signal in the area for Radio Scotland, and this matter should also be raised with Mr Jack.
  4. EF mentioned that he had spoken with Mr & Mrs Smith about the shrubbery in Barcloy Road at Rockcliffe that were out of control and affecting road traffic. EF and Mr & Mrs Smith had jointly cut back the offending branches. 
  5. Concerns were expressed about the poor condition of the ATM machine outside the Co-op in Dalbeattie. Cllr Stitt confirmed that the ATM at the Clydesdale Bank had recently been replaced and was now in good working order. 


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