PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, M. Parry (Treasurer), Cllr I. Blake, Cllr D. Stitt,


S. Pain, J. Coates, T. Roan, M. Pumphrey, K. Colart, Marion McGhie (Minutes), PS C. Scott - Police


Members of public - J. Rowland, J. Stanning, G. Fox, K. Filer








MINUTES OF MEETING 02/11/17:              


Corrections made: Bob Shipley should be Bob Shipway.


Proposed – J Coates, Signed – D. Roan




POLICE REPORT:  PS C. Scott. On 28/01/18 report of vehicle blocking driveway in Kippford resulting in the vehicle being seized and driver being charged with possession of drugs. Anyone who witnesses anything suspicious are to contact the Police. There was a possible offence involving two young children who were lured into sending messages and possibly images over social media. Police urge parents to monitor their child’s actions on social media. There is a National Campaign, UK Safer Internet, regarding these issues. Police will visit schools and make children more aware of the dangers etc. PS Scott also offered to pass on leaflets regarding their National Livestock Worrying campaign.






  1. 1.Parking at Rockcliffe – The Bowman’s are still waiting for a meeting to be arranged with PC Steele Johnson. PS Scott is aware of the meetings the Bowman’s had with Charlotte Carson from the Council but have not received a report. Some residents are still concerned about the narrow road and access for emergency vehicles. PS Scott will check when the meeting between the Bowmans and PC Steel will be arranged (after March 3rd).
  2. 2.J. Stanning Community Resource Pack – The pack given by Sue Vest was found helpful, including information on care centres, mental health and winter resilience, however, it was felt that our own Community Resilience Plan has more accurate information. A problem with Sue Vests plan was “where to keep it” and “how to make the community aware of it”. S. Pain suggested an electronic version of the information online. We could then have a link for it on our own website. There was also a question of who would keep it up to date. D. Roan suggested that the pack could be kept in the Colvend information centre and have a link or information on the community website. S. Gourlay will contact Sue Vest with feedback and include information on Food Train and RVS Transport Service. It will be brought up again at the next meeting.





The accounts were presented by the Treasurer. The balances as of 2ND November 2017 were: -


£17658.28 (Robin Rigg Restricted current account) and £2314.55 (Community Council unrestricted fund)


S.Pain has been in contact with Paul Mackey and wants to clarify how much of the Eon funding is unused.







  1. 1.Colvend Primary School Playground – S.Pain reported that the project is now fully funded. LEADER has a condition that a sign must be put up declaring that the project was funded by LEADER. The school has offered to make the initial payment for the track and the shelter, and the group would then reimburse them within the financial year. Contractors are now being chosen, Scott Lee is going to be doing ground work. The gradient of the field means it might be difficult fitting the shelter in. If the shelter is within school grounds, it won’t get the same amount of community use. The group will need some community help and volunteers in the last weekend of March. The Council have confirmed public access through school grounds out of school hours.
  2. 2.Information Centre – The new TV has been put up and the video display reinstalled. Waiting for wall to be re-plastered. S.Pain suggested a ‘Welcome to Colvend’ sign above the door.








G. Fox had nothing new to report, only that a resident of Barcloy Road was refused planning as it would inhibit traffic. He also reported another residents’ car had been damaged by a careless caravan driver. There is still a lot of opposition regarding the caravan site, with 22 people lodging complaints. David Stitt had contacted Charlotte Carson on the matter but couldn’t access the roads report. S.Pain had reported that on the website, the caravan park application is still pending, so no decision has ben made yet. If no decision has been made after 6 months, the caravan park have a right to appeal. S. Gourlay suggested the residents focus on what can be done with the road, for example speed limit or speed humps. Cllr I. Blake left the meeting. It was suggested to write to the council about the safety of Barcloy Road. D. Stitt thought if residents and the CC both wrote to the council, it would have more of an impact. D. Roan suggested to seek advice from Michael McDonald (Police Scotland Traffic Management Officer) first before any action is taken. S. Gourlay to phone M. McDonald.






17/2198/FUL – The Sail Loft, Kippford – Erection of extension on south elevation of dwellinghouse.


17/2143/FUL – Lanbe, Colvend – Erection of extensions to south elevation of dwellinghouse and formation of decked area.


17/1906/SCR – EIA Not required – Castle Point Caravan Park – Screening opinion under environmental impact assessment (Scotland) Regulations 2011 for extension to existing holiday park.


17/0875/FUL – Grant Conditionally – Cragneuk, Portling – Replacement of existing holiday hut.


17/1322/FUL – Grant Conditionally – Kippford Slipway – Erection of retail unit with first floor accommodation and erection of three dwellinghouses.


17/2016/FUL – Grant Unconditionally – Castle Point Caravan Site – Installation of LPG tank


17/2078/FUL – Grant Unconditionally - 2 Ford View, Kippford – Erection of first floor extension to south elevation and alteration and extension to dormer on east elevation of dwellinghouse.


17/2118/FUL – Refuse - Braesyde, Kippford – Erection of detached domestic annexe


17/1890/FUL – Withdrawn by applicant - Adjacent to Craigbrex, Barnbarroch – Erection of 8 dwellinghouses, formation of access and internal road layout, installation of septic tank and soakaway and associated landscaping.


17/2198/FUL – Grant Unconditionally - The Sail Loft, Kippford – Erection of extension on south elevation of dwellinghouse.








Oliver Kverndal - Understanding ModernGov - Learn practical skills in statistical analysis


Scottish Rural Action - RBS branch closures: views sought


D&G Council – Local Development Plan. First draft agreed 18/01/18 open consultation period 29/01/18 – 26/03/18


D&G Council - Road Closure Notification – A710 New Abbey – Dalbeattie 11/02/18 – 14/02/18 (9am – 5pm)


The Hub - The hub – your community action centre – weekly e-bulletin


D&G Council – Information on Weather (Snow) and travel and alert on Storm Eleanor


SCVS - Quiz Night - Friday 26th January 2018 - Balmaclellan Village Hall 7.30pm


Maureen GNPA – Newsletter. Could Galloway be Scotland's next National Park? D. Stitt to bring in brochures about D&G becoming a National Park.


Sue Vest – Retired Farmer Social Group


SCVS - Community Council Network Meeting 28.2.18 – S. Gourlay, J. Coates and D. Roan to attend. Bring up S. Pain’s point on CCs responsibilities regarding planning issues.


Alister Jack – Introducing himself and suggested a meeting to discuss any problems i.e. broadband issue – J. Rowland happy to liaise with Alister Jack to give feedback.


The Hub - your community action centre - weekly e-bulletin


Solway Firth Partnership – Newsletter


NHS Dumfries and Galloway - Non-Executive Board Member Recruitment


D&G Council - Scottish Fire and Rescue Community Asset Register. Owners of 4X4 vehicles or boats to register.


D&G Council – Amended Review of the Scheme of Establishments Phase 3 consultation 3/02/18 until 30/03/18


D&G Council – Weekly Road Works and Planning Report






  1. M. Pumphrey on Litter - A few people have been in touch and asked if he would be interested in setting up a campaign to prevent littering. S. Gourlay suggested the CC invite Sarah Massey from Zero Waste Scotland. Anyone who would like to get involved with this campaign to contact Matthew Pumphrey. No outcome.
  2. Bob Shipway Meeting – D. Roan and J. Coates attended the meeting with other CCs. Overall a very interesting meeting, finding out what projects other CCs are involved in and what they think about future funding from Eon. D. Roan suggested it might be helpful to contact Paul Mackey for ideas.
  3. Defibrillators – S. Gourlay received an email from PC Brown on the care of the defibrillators. They need frequent checking which Lucy Stratford does. He also suggested that they be registered with the ambulance service which Lucy has already done. J. Stanning has a map with all the defibrillators marked on it. Can print off copies if needed.














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