PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, M. Parry (Treasurer), J. Coates, T. Roan, M. Pumphrey, Cllr I. Blake, Marion McGhie (Minutes), PC J. Brown - Police

Members of public - J. Rowland, J. Stanning, F. Womby, G. Fox, K. Filer



APOLOGIES:         Cllr D. Stitt, S. Pain



MINUTES OF MEETING 02/11/17:              

Corrections made: G. Fox comment concerning the lack of white lines on the stretch of road by the Clonyard Hotel to be added. Also under AOCB ‘make a donation’ will be changed to ‘fund the update of the website’.

Proposed – J Coates, Signed – D. Roan



POLICE REPORT:  PC J. Brown. Not a lot to report. Someone has lost a diamond ring at Southwick Church on 11th November. There have also been a few break-ins around the area, including a house at Sandyhills. The police are concentrating on 2 specific rural areas to watch out for anything suspicious. The A710 through Colvend will be one of them. PC Brown also stressed the importance of the drink driving campaign starting again. The legal limit is less in Scotland than in England. The campaign also warns people not to drive the morning after drinking.





  1. 1.Defibrillators – L. Stratford has been painting the boxes and has received money for the yellow paint.
  2. 2.Sue Vest Community Resource Pack – S. Gourlay brought in a copy of the Resource Pack for anyone who wished to readThe pack includes information on how to help the elderly, a lot of useful leaflets and contact details. Some of the information ties in with the CC own resilience plan. J. Stanning was happy to take it home and read through to see if it would be of any help. He also volunteered to be the keeper of the pack if needed.
  3. 3.Hedges at Barcloy Road – S. Gourlay confirmed that the road belongs to the Council up to the corner of Barcloy Mill Road. As E. Fisher was absent, more information is needed to proceed with this matter and was referred to next meeting.
  4. 4.Parking at Rockcliffe – S. Gourlay received Charlotte Carsons report from the Bowmans. Keep clear signs can be put up by individuals. The no through road at the main car park is sufficient and will not be changed. C. Carson also thought there was enough room to turn at the end of the road and the grass verge had not been damaged by parked cars. The brown tourist sign belongs to the owner of the Baron’s Craig so it is their responsibility to cover anything up. J. Coates received an email from the Bowmans to say that they would like the CC to arrange a meeting with the Police about the parking issue. J. Coates to email Bowmans to tell them that the CC will let the police know their concerns and will discuss next time a Police body is present. It will be an item on February’s Agenda.
  5. 5.White Lines at Clonyard – D. Stitt (not present) reported that the white lines are due to be painted. They should be done by spring.
  6. 6.Police Report – S. Pain had proposed that the police attend around four meetings a year to save police time and send in report. S. Gourlay has been in touch with PC Scott and he has reported that they would like to keep their attendance the way it is. They aim for 60% and are happy to keep coming to as many meetings as they can. If specific dates are noted, they may be unable to attend at the last minute – PC Scott confirmed that a report will be sent in if there is no attendance.



The accounts were presented by the Treasurer. The balances as of 2ND November 2017 were: -

£17658.28 (Robin Rigg Restricted current account) and £2306.82 (Community Council unrestricted fund)

The CC received £591.85 from the Community Council Discretionary Grant for 2017/18 (Formerly Administration Grant)





  1. 1.Colvend Primary School Playground - In the absence of S. Pain, T. Roan gave a report of the progress the group are making. The planning application has been approved. There has been a very positive response from the funders. Eon confirmed a grant of £22,000 towards the playground and the Stewartry Area Committee has also approved a grant for £12,500 LEADER has agreed to match fund the project. The project is still on course to start in the spring.
  2. 2.Colvend Golf Club – Work has been completed and they have received the CC contribution of £1500.
  3. 3.Future Funding – D. Roan has arranged a meeting in the new year with Bob Shipley. Other members of surrounding Community Councils will be contacted also to discuss future funding.

Cllr I. Blake left the meeting.






There has been little progress with the issue of the site’s planning application. S. Pain has been helping Rockcliffe residents make objections. F. Womby and G. Fox wanted to know what was happening in the planning department. There had been a planning meeting, however, Castle Point Caravan Site was not on the agenda for discussion. I. Brook has stated that the site is already running over capacity so an increase in traffic would not be significant. S. Gourlay reported that neighbours are no longer notified of planning which can lead to problems. The CC have not heard of any further information with the application.

G. Fox brought up the fact that the site was told to screen their caravans but have done nothing about it. He is also concerned about access for emergency vehicles. Ambulances can find it hard to park, especially if there are caravan tourers coming back and forward. Also because of an increase in tourists, parking in Rockcliffe will become even more difficult. D. Roan going to ask R. Davidson or D. Stitt to contact G. Fox about progress with the site.

M. Pumphrey also raised the subject of financial benefit. The site’s expansion may not benefit the community.



17/2078/FUL – 2 Ford View, Roughfirth, Kippford – Erection of extension to dwelling house (No.2) and alteration to boundary to change garden sites for No.1 and No.2

17/2016/FUL – Castle Point Caravan Park – Installation of LPG tank

17/2118/FUL – Braesyde, Jubilee Path, Kippford – Erection of detached domestic annexe

Granted Conditionally – Colvend Primary School – Change of use from agricultural land to for outdoor sports/ recreation facility including running track and erection of 1.5 metre high fence boundary.

Granted Unconditionally – Shaw Well, Southwick, Dumfries – Erection of extension to north west elevation of dwelling house






Westminster Briefing - Women in Local Government Conference Wed 31st Jan 2018 | Early Booking ends next week

D&G Council - Fairtrade Zone Award

Iona Brook – Castle Point Caravan Park

D&G Council - Road Works Report w/c 20/11/2017

Solway Firth Partnership – AGM 7th December 2017

Heather Gregg - Key Learning For Local Authorities (Case Bundles)

D&G Council - A Yellow Warning of Rain for has been issued for the period 0800 Wed 22 Nov to 0400 Thu 23 Nov

Gary Cross - Footpath from Sandyhills to Barend is getting overgrown. To be investigated.

Police - StewartryCPT email address

MARGARET COPP – Photos of the Colvend Golf Club wash down area.

Margaret Copp – Invoice for Colvend Golf Club

SCVS - Carsphairn Heritage & Craft Centre Exhibition November 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th.

D&G Council - Road Works Report w/c 27/11/2017

SCVS - Feral Choir Concert, Kirkpatrick Durham, 17th December

Sue Vest NHS - intergenerational work information

D&G Council - Weather Update - Wed 6th December - Storm Caroline

D&G Council – Details of new system. Community Council Enquiry Service (CCES)





  1. Local Development Plan – Due for reviewing. They have very specific zonings and the last plan focused on urban areas. There is no detail of our area and we hope they will be reviewing that this year.
  2. SCVS – D. Roan and S. Gourlay attended last meeting. They have not heard anything yet about the Review of Scheme of Establishments. Consultation on phase 2 closed on 27th October.
  3. Bins for White Loch Lane – S. Pain forwarded a complaint made that the bins are overflowing recently. The residents requested another bin 7 years ago but were turned down. K. Filer suggested that if the Council could push the recycling project and provide separate bins, there would be less rubbish in the main bins at Colvend Hall. As S. Pain was absent, it has been referred to next meeting.
  4. K. Gibson’s issue of the car park in Kippford – K. Gibson attended the Kippford Improvement Association meeting and applied to be on the committee.






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