PRESENT:               D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, S. Pain, M. Parry (Treasurer), J. Coates, Cllr D. Stitt, T. Roan, E. Fisher, Marion McGhie (Minutes)

Members of public - J. Rowland, F. Womby, S. King, G. Fox, D. Wallace Neilson, K. Gibson and D. Lorimer


APOLOGIES:         Cllr I. Blake, Cllr R. Davidson, K. Filer


MINUTES OF MEETING 05/10/17:              

Proposed – J Coates, Signed – D. Roan


POLICE REPORT:  No police present. It was, however, suggested that the police send a report every month rather than attend the meeting. S. Gourlay to speak to PC Colin Scott to find out his thoughts.




  1. Tarmac repair at Roughhills – Still outstanding. S. Gourlay had reported it again and had reported the potholes at Colvend Primary School. These had not been repaired yet.
  2. Defibrillators – L. Stratford has checked all defibrillators. Spare pads are around £65 per set. She will continue to check them once a month and soon know what will need replacing. The CC has given her authority to buy sets of pads whenS. Gourlay also mentioned that the defibrillator boxes were looking tired and suggested to repaint them in yellow to be more visible. If the CC provides the paint, L. Stratford will paint the boxes.
  3. Kippford – K. Gibson still has issues with the parking. He has looked into legal help to find out who the car park and hall were left to. It was suggested that K. Gibson provide us with actions he would like the CC to do, along with the relevant legal documents to see how the CC can help.
  4. Colvend Primary School Playground – S. Pain reported that due to a shortfall in funds, the pavilion has been taken out of the project. They are looking to replace it with a smaller shelter. Funders need planning details before sending money. LEADER have a positive response to the project. The group will know by 12th December 2017 whether they will receive funding. The minutes of agreement have been signed and put in place.
  5. Broadband – J. Rowland reported his findings on fibre broadband. Some areas that are eligible for help aren’t necessarily being connected. BT only connects some areas.
  6. SCVS Networking Meeting 11/10/17 – S. Gourlay and D. Roan attended meeting. Mainly about the review of The Scheme of Establishments and how to keep the guidelines as simple as possible.





The accounts were presented by the Treasurer. The balances as of 2ND October 2017 were: -

£19158.28 (Robin Rigg Restricted current account) and £1782.55 (Community Council unrestricted fund)





  1. Golf Club – Work for wash down area has been completed. Invoice to be sent to CC any day now.
  2. Future Funding – S. Pain has contacted Paul Mackey and the CC has approval for the two projects. P. Mackey to act as a trustee in support of the projects for us to receiveD. Roan still to meet with B. Shipley from Buittle CC to discuss methods of future funding.





Concerns were raised by residents of Barcloy Road, Rockcliffe regarding the planning to extend the site. F. Womby mentioned the road had more than enough traffic using it already.  Suggested a speed limit or white lines painted in the middle of the road. It was noted that the road was too narrow for a white line. G. Fox gave cyclists view on the situation, and how it is becoming dangerous for bicyclists and public walkers. D. Wallace Neilson enquired as to whether the site could be classed as another settlement which would be a reason to introduce a speed limit before Rockcliffe.

S. Gourlay has been in touch with Iona Brooks and had received an email to say that it is a retrospective planning application. The caravan site has been using a higher number of pitches for a few years already, so the traffic shouldn’t increase dramatically.

S. Gourlay to organise meeting with objectors, planning and roads department.  S. Gourlay to contact Iona Brooks to organise a site meeting. D. Roan also suggested that the people involved should write down a list of what objections they have and what they wish the council to do.





17/1788/FUL – Auchenhill Farm – Erection of dwelling house with integral garage of access and installation of septic tank and soak away.

17/1805/FUL – Colvend Primary School – Change of agricultural land from outdoor sports/recreation facility including running track and erection of 1.5M high boundary fence.

17/1890/FUL – Field adjacent to Craigbrex, Barnbarroch – Erection of 8 dwelling houses, formation of access and internal road layout, installation of septic tank and soakaway and associated landscaping.


D. Roan and T. Roan declared an interest and left the meeting at 21.06pm. S. Pain assumed the Chair.

K. Gibson voiced concerns over planning at Barnbarroch. Questions as to whether the speed limit will change if houses are built on opposite side of the road. D. Stitt replied that if Gibson wanted a meeting about it, he would need 6 objectors.

For any information on planning applications there are in the community, or to raise objections, please visit the council website, or check the local paper.




D&G Council - Stewartry Sports Council SPORTS AWARDS INVITATION

D&G Council – List of planning applications - monthly

D&G Council – Roadworks Report - weekly

D&G Council – Review Scheme for the Establishment of CCs in Dumfries and Galloway: Phase 2 Consultation ended                           27th October.                                

Primrose and Gordon – Minute of Agreement

D&G Council - LILDEM stakeholder report October 2017.pdf

PC Colin Scott - Colvend and Southwick October police report

A&G Bowman – Parking in Rockcliffe

SCVS – Quick Response Poster

J. Coates – Parking in Rockcliffe

D&G Council - Community Council Research – Regional Workshops on the future development of CCs

Rebecca Mclaren – Traffex Road Expo

D&G Council - Road Works Report w/c 23/10/17

M. Parry – New email address

Understanding Modern Government - Identify the story behind the data | CPD Training Workshop

Regen Energy - Electricity Network Innovation - Newcastle event

Solway Firth Partnership – Date of AGM 07/12/17 at 2.00pm at D&G Aviation Museum

SCVS - Jazz Concert, Twynholm Village Hall on 11/11/17

Sue Vest – Community Resource Pack- Are we interested?




  1. Colvend Telephone Box – Not working. S. Gourlay to follow up.
  2. Website – S. King has a contact who will help with the CC website and make it mobile friendly using a template. S. King will keep it as competitively priced as possible. CC are happy to make a donation in aid of updating the website.
  3. Local Bus Services – G. Fox raised concerns over bus times. It is proving difficult for residents who no longer drive to get to Dalbeattie or Castle Douglas. There are 6 buses that travel between Colvend and Dalbeattie every day. D. Roan suggested anyone with concerns to look out for Council Transport meetings and make a complaint as an individual.
  4. Hedges at Barcloy Mill Road – E. Fisher brought up the issue of the protruding hedges at the end of Barcloy Mill Road. Eric to approach owner of bushes.
  5. It was agreed that minute secretaries should henceforth be paid £35 per month from beginning of November.





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