PRESENT:               D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, M. Parry – Treasurer, J. Coates, K. Coltart, E. Fisher, S. Pain (Minutes), Cllr D. Stitt,

Members of public - J. Rowland, K. Filer, L Stratford, K.Gibson



APOLOGIES:         M.McGhie, T.Roan, Cllr I. Blake, Cllr R.Davidson



MINUTES OF MEETING 27/7/17:                  Proposed – J Coates, Signed – D. Roan



POLICE REPORT:                  No police present.





  1. 1.Community Safety Team – S.W.Pain reported on the Community Safety Team’s day of action.
  2. 2.Tarmac repair – Still to be done. Response required from Council even if        Action DS / SG            
  3. 3.Sandyhills Phone box painting complete. Kippford box has been cleaned. Thanks to KF, DMcC & SP
  4. 4.Overflowing rubbish bins at Rockcliffe – problem has now been resolved.
  5. 5.Proposed amendments to the Scheme of Establishment. Meeting to discuss Phase 2 of consultation. This is on-line. Responses required by 27/10/17 – meeting attended by DR & SG




The accounts were presented by the Treasurer. The balances as of 7th September 2017 were:-

£19158-05 (Robin Rigg current account), £9997.84 (held by Solway Firth Partnership) and £1782.49 (Community Council unrestricted fund)




Lucy Stratford attended to report that she was taking over the upkeep of the defibrillators from Carolyn Hornblow. Some of the pads are out of date and may need replacement and Lucy also asked whether it would be possible to have a defibrillator at Sandyhills, located in the telephone box.             Action JC & LS to carry out defibrillator checks

Reference was made to the Quick Respons Code Project. Anyone who has an SOS Bracelet or a serious condition can take part in this project which uses a card or key-fob based QR code to provide emergency responders with detailed medical information about the holder’s condition. Contact SCVS-01557 331346 to join the scheme or for info.




Mr Kevin Gibson expressed concern that the Kippford Association were acting beyond their authority. He commented that the hall and car park areas had originally been granted by Colonel Chaloner to the community of Colvend and not to the Kippford Association. He was particularly concerned about the introduction of charges/ donations for the use of the car park and expressed a concern about where it would all end. This matter has not yet been raised with the Kippford Association.                                                                                     Action SP to discuss with DMcCall

EF enquired what the requests for donations for the Kipp were about. KF commented that donations were being sought to allow the Kippford Association to purchase 48 acres of land on the left side of the road going into Kippford, from the Kipp Ltd. She indicated that the donations had almost reached the target amount.





a) Telescope – SP reported that despite numerous attempts he had been unable to contact Karl Munday at NTS to discuss the siting of the telescope. JC agreed to follow this up and try and make contact with .                                                                                                                                                                                                          Action JC


b) Colvend Primary School Playground  – SP reported on the progress in obtaining additional funding for the project. He had approached most of the major funding organisations but so far without success. The primary reasons for rejection was that the CC does not own the land, or that Colvend was not seen as an area of rural deprivation. A full application was made to the D&G Stewartry Area Committee for a discretionary grant of £25,000, but this was again rejected on the basis that we did not own the land. D&G Council have suggested that the application be made via the Parent Council, but this also looks as though it will fail for the same reason. An expression of interest has been made to both the D&G LEADER project and also SWEAT. Both these bodies have indicated that to succeed, the applications will have to demonstrate a much greater benefit to the community. SP indicated that although there were several other funders that could be approached, the grants available were relatively small, and that it was his opinion that we were unlikely to be able to fund the full £89,000 required by theThe sub group will now look at ways of reducing the scope of the project and also whether any of the substantial VAT bill could be recovered.

SP reported that he had recently held discussions with the landowner and that there was potential for agreement that if the school were to close, that the CC would be offered the opportunity to take over the lease of the playing field for use as a community recreation facility.


c) Visitor Centre – SP reported that he had applied for assistance from the Wilko Store Community fund at Castle Douglas for the Information Centre. The store had gifted 4 electric timer switches which will be used to reduce the energy consumption of the illuminated displays outside day hours. A letter of appreciation has been sent to the Wilko store manager.


d) SG has met Paul Mackey of Solway Firth Partnership and has formally submitted the requests for the Playing Field and Visitor Centre projects. Both projects are likely to get the support of Eon


e) Future Funding - JC commented that at a recent meeting with representatives of the D&G Council Mr J.Parker reported that the Windfarm funding would continue. Paul Mackey has implied that there is no known plan for Eon to continue the                                                                           Action  SG





17/1233/FUL:    Timber deck & balustrade at 6 Riverview Park Kippford – Granted


16/1193/FUL:     Demolition of existing house. New house, garage & at Barean Way Colvend Dalbeattie – Granted conditionally

17/1516/FUL:    Woodland hut, storage shed & hardstanding at Clifton & Black Sea Woods Southwick - Application

17/1535/FUL:    Side/Rear extension to at Loch House Bank Colvend Dalbeattie – Application

17/1445/FUL:    Dwelling house & septic tank at New Farm Southwick Dumfries - Application

17/1646/ARC:    Dwelling house, septic tank & soakaway at Boreland of Southwick  - Permission in principle

17/1289/FUL:    Dwelling house, single storey extension at Cliff House, Portling – Granted





-      ‘Caring for Carers’ looking for volunteers to run charity shop in Castle Douglas.

-      Notification of network meeting on 23rd August attended by DR & SG – SCVS – see Matters arising.

-      Notification of Police “Drop-in” sessions – Police Scotland

-      Registration for electoral Roll reminder (must register by mid November)

-      Times of opening of archives search room – Ewart Library Dumfries

-      Notification of consultation re Kirkbean School closure – Karen McLaughlin - D&G Council

-      QR Medi Scheme pilot project – SCVS

-      Solway Firth Partnership – Newsletter.

-      Notification of Digital Society 2017 Conference – FutureScot

-      Weekly Road Works Report – D&G Roads Network Team & weekly Planning notices.

-      Community Learning Needs Assessment – D&G Council Community Learning Team

-      Invitation to Community Councils Engagement evening on 6/9/17 – D&G Council – attended by JC.





  1. JR reported on the results of the Broadband survey. The Scottish Government are committed to providing 30Mb/s to everyone by 2021. The survey showed that Rockcliffe & Colvend have good connection speed. Southwick currently has no High Speed Broadband cabinet, but direct fibre connections to premises are expected by the end of this year. Portling has some HS Broadband connections. Direct fibre connections are expected c. 2018.
  2. EF expressed concern about gardens in Barcloy Road at Rockcliffe that were out of control and affecting road traffic. It was not clear what action the CC can take.  Action: DS to talk to D&G Council Community Manager




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