PRESENT: Derek Roan - Chair, Simon Pain - Vice Chair, Sue Gourlay – Secretary,  Ian Connel,  Eric Fisher, Matthew Pumphrey, Carolyn Hornblow – Minute Secretary,   Cllr Davie Stitt,  PCs Steele Johnson and Sgt Colin Scott,  Anna Johnson (NSA)


APOLOGIES:  John Coates, Ken Coltart, Mark Parry, John Thorp, Cllrs Rob Davidson and Ian Blake


MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING:   Proposed by Simon Pain.  Signed by Derek Roan



Acceptance in writing (email) of the adoption of Colvend/Rockcliffe footpath from D/G Council received 28/10/2016

Kippford Association invited to send a representative to CSCC meetings. SP met with David McCall.  KA is keen to establish closer links and will exchange minutes in future. KA AGM end of this month- will ask for representative                                                                                                                               Action SP/DR

Rusty bench on Merse Roadend.  Check who is landowner                                                        Action JC

Colvend Shop Notice Board: Purchase still awaiting confirmation of E-On funding                  Action SP

Information Centre Review:  Obtained new brochures and Core Path 20 maps, electrics being renewed for room and display screen.  Routes for local walks will be put onto website                                   Action SP

Stewartry Flag – not proceeding at present

A stand is required to erect gifted telescope at Castlepoint Viewpoint. (E-On funds applied for)) Suggestion to use gifted paving slabs around site. Permission from landowner and Scottish Heritage required. EF to obtain telescope for safekeeping                                                                                                        Action EF


Colvend Golf Course - possible grant available for drainage project from SWEAT /Awards for All        Action SP



POLICE REPORT:  No incidents locally.  PC Steele Jonson introduced Sgt Colin Scott – new Community Officer who will be based at Castle Douglas with an increased focus on policing community situations.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Mark Parry not present   Same balance as last month



Awaiting confirmation from E-ON for various funds – see last month’s minutes

Coastal Path Benches: Still pending further investigation                                                                     Action DR

Nelson’s Grave  Renovation: Update from Anna Johnson, NSA Officer.  Article in Tidelines this month. Information Sheet at printers. Board will be erected by IC Grave Renovation. Information board to be printed and installed.                                                                                                                                Action EF 

PLAYGROUND PROPOSAL: Update from Simon Pain. Presentation was planned for the CSCC tonight  but D/G Roads Department has surveyed possible  site near Colvend School and it does not meet acceptable visibility requirements.

D/G Council will not adopt playground equipment so responsibility of upkeep and public liability insurance would be with Community Council


Other Possible Playground Sites:

  • Colvend School)
  • Possible Rockcliffe site
  • Forestry Commission willing to offer land but will charge a rental for site.
  • Kippford Land if it becomes available (January 2017)


PLANNING APPLICATIONS:  None currently. There is now a  new system showing planning issues as well as list of applications.  Difficulty getting into planning website noted. Davie Stitt will check with Planning Office                                                                                                                                                     Action DS


D/G Council:  

Routine Roadworks  Notifications and Planning Applications

LEADER Team – Launch of EMFF Scheme

‘The Hub’ weekly activity e-bulletin newsletter

Pat Riley, Flood Alert on October 18th 2016

Solway Firth Partnership: ‘Tidelines’ Magazine

Jenny Milby SCVS:   Newsletter. 

Education Governance Review

Invitation to an Open Meeting from Tongland & Ringford Community Council

Creative Scotland Arts Strategy Discussion at CatStrand, New Galloway 28 November

Community Landownership Briefing Session

Trevor Proctor ‘Save Mochrum Fell’.   Two letters seeking support relating to planning permission for wind turbines which had been declined by local authority but approved by Scottish Government.

Emma Harper MSP   Letter introducing herself as our new member and offering help if needed

Lyn Sharpe (   Scottish Community Council Hour on Twitter 8th November 8-9pm

Rowan Lloyd:  European Maritime Fisheries Fund (EMFF):  Dumfries & Galloway has recently secured £580,000 of EMFF funding to support local fisheries communities develop more sustainable futures. The fund’s objective is to assist communities to diversify to other sectors of the marine economy and support projects which add more value to fishing and fishing related activities. This fund is available to all communities and businesses which have a dependence upon the fishing industry and is not just restricted to coastal communities.



‘Racenight’ Friday 18th November 7pm in aid of Colvend School at Colvend Public Hall

Feral Choir   ‘Midwinter Turning’ Concert  in Colvend Public Hall  Saturday 17th December  4pm.  Tickets are available at Colvend Shop and on the day   Cost  £8  

Grass area at Rockcliffe Toilets Carpark being damaged by Mr Whippy Van                              Action  IC 

Road tarmac between Craigbittern and Roughhills:  sharp edge with a potential for tyre damage Davie Stitt will discuss with Roads Departments                                                                                                         Action DS

Phoneboxes: Colvend and Rockcliffe will be removed within two years. Sandyhills Beach is remaining. Colvend can presently not be used due to no swipe card insert. Only useable for 999 calls.  BT will try to get it functioning. Discussion on ‘adopt a kiosk’ scheme                                                                              Action SG

Resilience Plan:  Julian Stanning is willing to remain as Co-ordinator. Agreed by CSCC with thanks.  A review will be held shortly. Ian Connel, Derek Roan and Sue Gourlay willing to carry on as part of the team. Any other volunteers?



Derek Roan made a vote of thanks on behalf of CSCC to Davie Stitt  on his retirement from the Postal Service. He thanked him for his tremendous efforts to bring mail to the community for many years and his willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ and wished him well for his retirement.  Davie will continue to support CSCC meetings  in his role as a D/G Councillor



Thursday 1st December  2016  at 7.00pm  in Colvend Public Hall