THURSDAY 13th December 2018 AT 7pm in COLVEND PUBLIC HALL


PRESENT:D. Roan – Chair,  S. Gourlay – Secretary,  M. Parry - Treasurer, S. Robertson - Minutes,  Cllr D. Stitt, Cllr Ian Blake and P.C. Alison Blacklock

Members of public –  J. Stanning


APOLOGIES:   M. Pumphrey,  J. Coates, T. Roan,  A. Grafton, K. Filer,  S. Pain, Cllr R Davidson


NOTE  There were not enough community councillors present tonight to make a quorum, and therefore the meeting is not an official meeting.  The notes that follow are a record of what was discussed.


POLICE REPORT: PC Alison Blacklock reports that one incident of attempted fraud (with the caller pretending to be from BT) has been reported in our ward.  Police are continuing with the phishing campaign to raise awareness.

PC Blacklock also advised that due to the time of year Police are prioritising their Drink Driving campaign and Shoplifting awareness.  

There's also a drop in centre on the 3rd January from 6pm until 7.30pm in Dalbeattie if anyone would like to attend. 



MINUTES OF MEETING 1/11/18: As there were only 3 members at tonight's meeting the minutes could not be signed.   




Rockcliffe Notice Boards - S. Gourlay has written to Robert Dinwiddie, and expressed our gratitude for his donation and assistance. 

Q & A session -  Tony Topping was unable to be present this evening.  There was some discussion regarding what we are hoping to achieve with a discussion in any case as it is felt there aren't any changes that would provide significant benefit.  

Core Path 20 Diversion (forestry end of Whitelock Lane) - S. Gourlay confirmed we have sent an email to inform D&G Council there are no objections.   Please note the last set of minutes incorrectly stated that it was J.Stanning who informed the CC there were no objections when in fact it was S. Pain.  




The balances are:

Unrestricted Community Council:  £1986.53

Restricted Robin Rigg Account :     £6754.53

Recreation Ground Fund:                £3317.04

Defibrillator Fund:                             £428.30

There's surplus amounts available and although this could not be discussed at the meeting tonight there are some ideas that could be developed.  D. Roan will speak to D. Jamieson to see if a member from The Kipp could attend our next meeting to discuss plans. 



Report recieved via e-mail, which D. Roan read to those present.  

An outstanding invoice due to Colvend School has been paid (£8685.30) and a second claim has been submitted to LEADER (£8985.30).  When processed this claim should result in a payment to the CC of approximately £2800

Payments made to date:    £45261.50

Total expenditure to date: £45535.98


We are still awaiting feedback from the school regarding revised costs for the sports and play equipment.  

The original plan to site a sign by the school entrance has been rejected by LEADER.  The revised sign is much smaller and will be located at the top of the access ramp, and acknowledges contributors Eon, D&G and LEADER.  

Work continues on the tiered benching.  Volunteer help will be required in February or March.  Requests have been sent to local churches and Colvend shop to provide sponsors for memorial benches. 

An article about the Colvend Recreational Field project has been submitted for inclusion in the ‘Round Robin’ newsletter at the request of Solway Firth Partnership.

After a LEADER staff visit in November they advised the project is to be submitted for an award in competition with other projects throughout Scotland.

The SFRSN have made enquiries regarding the funds they requested.  S. Gourlay is organising this with K. Filer.

D. Roan is arranging a joint CC meeting with Bob Shipway for all 6 of the CCs to discuss the end of the 10 years of Robin Rigg funding (Colvend, Southerness, Kirkbean, Palnackie, Aunchencairn, Dundrennan).  Availability of the hall to be checked and date confirmed, D. Roan is looking to book the hall for the 14th January. 



D. Roan and S. Pain have sent a letter to D&G Council which was circulated to CC members via e-mail. 

As Cllrs D. Stitt and I. Blake were present this evening they were able to provide some information regarding the issues raised.  Waste management is undertaken by a contracted company which was transferred and then defaulted. As D&G Council were tied into a contract their options were limited, however the contracts are now back in house so further developments may be forthcoming.  In relation to budget cuts it's likely severe cuts will be necessary and unfortunately are likely to include education and healthcare. 




  • 18/1416/LBC - Mr & Mrs Illing - Fairgirth House, Sandyhills - INSTALLATION OF VARIOUS WINDOWS AND DOORS - Granted unconditionally 


  • No new applications



As per emails sent to C/C members 

D&G Council Development Plan Scheme

CC Network Meeting (30.01.19 at 7pm)

D&G Council Budget Challenge

RoSPCA Survey

Road Works Schedule

Solway Firth AGM Reminder


Anyone wishing to see a comprehensive list of correspondence should contact the secretary, Mrs Sue Gourlay




  1. S. Robertson informed the CC of recent meetings held at Dalbeattie and Colvend Schools regarding the post of Headteacher at the high school, primary school and 3 satellite schools.  After several meetings it was decided to keep the current arrangement of 3 separate headteachers. 
  2. S. Gourlay brought up the amended Scheme of Establishments.  Both Cllrs confirmed other applications have already been received.  S. Gourlay will check this and as it must be adopted during an official meeting and within a certain timeframe it may be necessary to call a special meeting before the next planned CC meeting in February. 
  3. S. Gourlay also discussed defibrillators.   Lucy Stratford has removed a defibrillator from Rockcliffe as it needs a new battery and pads.  J. Stanning feels defibrillators should not be removed without prior discussion.  It was suggested that we could reduce the number of defibrillators as the consumables can be quite expensive (£132 for new batteries necessary every 18-24 months) however after some discussion it was felt ensuring all parties take responsibility for their own defibrillator meant CSCC could cover the expense of any remaining.  In the meantime it was recommended that a battery replacement to be purchased for Rockcliffe defibrillator to ensure its available when necessary.   This issue will be added to the agenda for February to discuss further.  
  4. J. Stanning confirmed he has circulated an updated Resilience plan.  Contacts will be checked again as there have been some resignations in nearby CCs.  CSCC to formally adopt at the next meeting.
  5. The NTS are looking for volunteers to help clean paths etc at Rockcliffe.  Anyone interested should make contact with David Thompson (estate manager at Threave) There should also be information on local noticeboards.  



If further copies of these minutes are required please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.