THURSDAY 11th May 2017 at 7pm in COLVEND PUBLIC HALL


PRESENT: D. Roan – Chair, S. Gourlay – Secretary, J. Coates, K. Coltart, E.Fisher, S. Pain (Minute Taker), M. Parry, T. Roan, Cllr I. Blake, Cllr D.Stitt, Members of the Public: K. Filer, D. McCall, J. Rowland, L.Wallace (Part-time)


APOLOGIES: M. McGhie (Minute Secretary) I. Connell, M. Pumphrey,


The Chairman opened the meeting by congratulating Cllrs Blake and Stitt on their successful re-election.


MINUTES OF Meeting on 02/03/17:

No reference had been made in the minutes to the comments by Matthew Pumphrey regarding seeking an extension to the Robin Rigg Community Benefit fund. With this amendment the minutes of the meeting of 6/4/17 were approved. Proposed by J.Coates; Signed by D. Roan



  1. 1.Tarmac repair still outstanding. This has been reported to DGAction DS                                                       
  2. 2.Mobile service providers. John Coates reported that there was no          Action JC                                                                                                                             
  3. 3.Ivy encroachment on Rockcliffe Road
  4. 4.Pothole sunken gully at Kippford Junction completed
  5. 5.Extension to Robin Rigg funding. Raise this via the Community Council Network Action SG
  6. 6.Dalbeattie Town Hall clock is now working again.
  7. 7.Phoneboxes. SP reported that the Colvend box has been cleaned & repainted.

It was agreed to go ahead and do the same at Sandyhills phonebox.                    Action SP

As Rockcliffe box is no longer in service, there are no plans to clean or paint this box.

The Kippford phone box is in need of cleaning.                                                           Action DMcC



Owing to an incident in Dalbeattie, there were no police present.



Sue Gourlay now holds a second chequebook which she and Derek Roan could use when Mark Parry is unavailable.  The balances reported at the AGM (as at 31/3/17) showed a total of £2616-97p (current account & £7699-25p (Community Benefit Fund account)



Owing to unforeseen events, Mrs McMillan (the Architect on the project) was not able to attend. S.Pain and Headmistress Ms L.Wallace presented the plans for the development of the school playing field. The intention is that the development is done sympathetically in keeping with the rural surroundings to provide a facility that could be of benefit to the school and to the community. The plan entails:

-      A small increase in the playing area

-      Levelling & improvement of the playing surface (grass not synthetic surface)

-      Provision of terraced viewing area

-      Provision of a daily running circuit for the school children

-      Provision of a multi-purpose shelter that could be used for spectating events, or an outdoor educational area

-      Provision of electrical & water services to the playing field.

(See attached plan)

There were some concerns raised about safe access and whether public access would be permitted through the school grounds. Ms Wallace confirmed that the plans had the enthusiastic backing of the Parent Council and the school itself. It was noted that the developments are unlikely to be adopted by the D&G Council and so it may result in a small increase in the Community Council’s public liability insurance premium (approx £100/year).

 It was agreed that the Sub Group should be allowed to proceed to detailed design and full project costing, with a target of reporting back in July 2017.



  1. 1.Owing to a major reorganisation at NTS, no decision has been forthcoming regarding the siting of the telescope at Knockie Now. The head Ranger is interested in this project but a decision is not imminent. It was suggested that an alternative location could be in the forest behind Barnbarroch (Moyle Hill). Check with Lesley Smith at the Forestry Commission Action SP                                                
  2. 2.Colvend Hall Roof. Repairs are completed.
  3. 3.Golf Club Environmental Improvement Projects. In order to avoid creating a negative affect for visiting golfers, the implementation of the two projects has been deferred until the end of the summer.
  4. 4.Life after Robin Rigg. Include in next meeting’s Action MMcG
  5. 5.New Colvend Noticeboards. Some money remains and it was approved to purchase extra magnetic stickers. P.Hodgson has not yet submitted a claim for the cost of the Action SP



17/0233/FUL – Torrs Portling: Erection of dwellinghouse, access, septic tank & soakaway

17/0457/FUL – Castle Point Caravan Park: Extension to Amenity / Toilet block

17/0580/FUL – Bainloch Deer Park: Extension & change of use of Workshops to form Visitor Centre/Parking


Two representations were received objecting to the application at the Torrs Portling. There was substantial discussion around the points raised by the appellants and about the merits and de-merits of the proposal. Following a vote by the Community Councillors, it was unanimously agreed that the Community Council was not aware of material objections that it needed to bring to the attention of the Planning Department.


Respond to appellants regarding the Community Council’s decision                                  Action SG


It was agreed to raise an agenda item at the next meeting to clarify the duties and responsibilities of the Community Council in respect to future planning representations.                                          Action MMcG


Misleading planning information on the D&G website.                                                         Action SP




-      Community Councillor resignation letter – J.Thorpe

-      Proposal for increased web site capacity – J.Stanning

-      Kippford Road gully repair / Police “Drop in sessions” – Cllr I Blake

-      Draft  D&G Carers Strategy consultation –NHS D&G

-      Confirmation of renewal of data protection- Information Commissioners Office

-      Representation regarding planning application at the Torrs, Portling – C Dowgill

-      Representation regarding planning application at the Torrs, Portling – A Wright

-      Notification of Effective data Visualisation day – Edinburgh – Understanding Modern Government



  1. Broadband limitations – need to engage with BT / Openreach to see what improvements can be made

Action JR

  1. EF reported that there are plans in hand to improve the footpath from Nelson’s Grave to Castle Point
  2. Water leak from water main valve pit opposite school                                                                                           Action LW
  3. Add item to next meeting agenda to discuss possibility of co-opting new Community Councillor to replace John Thorpe                                                                                                                                                                                        Action MMcG






CSCC Minutes May 2017 plan