Minutes of the Community Council Meeting on 4 May 2023


Thursday 4 May 2023 at 7.30 pm in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENTChair - Roderick Morriss (RM), Treasurer - Mark Parry (MP), Secretary – Gordon Webster (GW); Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Kenneth Coltart (KC), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu); Local Cllr: David Stitt; Associate Member: Sue Gourlay (SG); Minute Secretary - Gwen Coates (GC)


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLICSimon Blissett (SB), John Rowland (JR), Clive Sinclair (CS)


APOLOGIESVice Chair - Simon Pain (SWP); Elected CCs: Kristine Filer (KF), Neil Preston (NP); Local Cllr: Ian Blake (IB); Kippford Association representative - Martin Rosindale (MR); Elsbeth and Peter Shaw (ES/PS) - on behalf of Sandyhills Protection Group (SPG)




Adoption of the Minutes from 6 April 2023

With no amendments and no objections from members, the minutes, which were proposed by JC 

and seconded by MP, were approved.



  1. Enrol John Rowland (JR) onto CSCC in order to assume the office of Treasurer in June 2023 (RM)RMproposed that JR become a co-opted member of CSCC. GW seconded the proposal and all members present approved it. JR can now be proposed to assume the role of Treasurer at the next meeting. To consider at next meeting. (RM/JR)
  2. Decide if warning signs and/or what actions might be useful in regard to ongoing livestock attacks in the area(RM). Members offered a number of suggestions for action in regard to this issue. GW said that a member of the local police had sourced posters and leaflets that might be used in the area. He will establish how many of these are available. CS said that since the last meeting he had lost another lamb as a result of an attack by a dog; he would be happy to post appropriate signs on his field gates. SB suggested introducing a local ‘Sheep Watch’ scheme (similar to ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ schemes). It was noted that another farmer in Rockcliffe had posted a link to guidance on rural etiquette for dog walkers on the local WhatsApp site suggesting that this guidance be included in welcome packs for visitors in rented accommodation, including the caravan park. SWP is asked to circulate this link to other local WhatsApp groups in the area and include copies of the document in the link, plus other leaflets, in the local Information Centre. All agreed that it is a good idea to raise both residents’ and visitors’ awareness of the issues in relation to livestock attacks. To consider at next meeting. (SWP/GW)
  3. Update on replacement for Stuart King as CSCC website manager (RM)RM has approached an individual who has agreed to take on this role. JR agreed to liaise with Julian Stanning (who has had some input into the management of the website), Stuart King and the individual who will take over, RM to pass on the contact details. To consider at the next meeting. (RM/JR)



No representative from the police attended the meeting. GW received a report from the police and circulated this prior to the meeting. It included a notice about livestock worrying incidents. 



MP informed members that the newly purchased marquee has been delivered. This will be in use at the Gala and will also be available to hire out to others in order to generate income.  



  1. Coastal Path Viewpoint Sign replacement. No updates on this project were available. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  2. Kippford Nature Reserve Shelter Project. No updates on this project were available. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  3. Rockcliffe Bus Shelter. JC told members that SWestrans have informed him of various problems with the proposed location of the bus shelter. Members discussed the alternatives suggested by SWestrans – the National Trust (NT) to rebuild the collapsing wall and widen the area for the shelter or to install the shelter slightly further along on the area of grass in front of the wall near the entrance to Auchenvhin. JC and DSboth indicated that the funds from SWestrans would be available for a limited period only and thus decisions need to be made asap. After further discussion, JC agreed to pursue, with SWestrans and the NT, the option to install the shelter near to the entrance to Auchenvhin, and to report back. (JC) This project is on-going.
  4. War Memorial renovation. RM said that following the request to the War Memorial Trust, they have said that they may fund the renovation of one of the plaques. CSCC is considering what options are available to fund the other plaque. (RM/SWP) This project is on-going.
  5. Plans for application to Robin Rigg Community Fund. No updates on this project were available. (SWP) This project is on-going.



  1. Family Gala Day. JC said that arrangements for the Gala (Saturday, 27 May 2023) are more or less complete. Unfortunately, there will not be a bouncy castle (the original supplier is now unable to deliver the castle and there is no time to order an alternative). However, there are plenty of other games and activities for children – and a face painter has been secured. (JC/SWP) To consider at the next meeting.
  2. Ground maintenance at Nelson’s Grave. JC said he has not had a chance to discuss this with the Community Payback team. He suggests, as an alternative, placing a weed mat on the site and using members to install this and clear the site with strimmers. He agreed to cost a suitable weed mat.  (JC/KF) To consider at the next meeting



  1. 22/0197/SCO Sandyhills proposed development – rolling agenda item. PS was not present at the meeting but has indicated that no further developments have taken place regarding this planning application. (PS)
  2. Local Place Plan (LPP) update. JC said that a questionnaire is being devised to send out to residents and that consultations and drop-in sessions are planned. Interest is growing and plans are moving forward. JCand RM noted that CSCC is the only community council in D&G that appears to be making good progress in establishing a LPP. (JC, SWP, MR, PS) To be considered at the next meeting. 


  1. Need to add extra signatories to the CSCC bank account. Office holders (RM - Chair, JR – as proposed Treasurer and GW - Secretary) need to be added to the signatories. MP will send out the relevant forms.  
  2. SG said she is resigning forthwith from her role as Associate Member. RM gave a vote of thanks for all her valuable contributions over the years. SG said she would likely continue to attend as a member of the public. 
  3. JR told members about the public event, held today, to inform residents of the new Kippford Wastewater Treatment Works proposal. The current works, built in the 1970s, cannot cope with the demands on it during summer and does not disinfect the waste water, thus negatively impacting Rockcliffe bathing water. Temporary treatment is being used at present to protect the bathing water. The new works will remove the need for temporary treatment and treat the wastewater to a much higher standard. Further information is available by emailing ESD on community@esd.scot
  4. MPu asked if anyone knew anything about the green plastic waste bags that have appeared on the road side in the area. DS suggested they were there for litter pickers to fill and would then be picked up by refuse collectors. RM asked MPu to report back at the next meeting if the bags have not been removed. 
  5. Following on from the recent work on the installation of fibre optic cables around Rockcliffe, SB raised the issue of Full Fibre networks and whether this might be something to include in the LPP. RM asked SB if he would report back to the next meeting with details of what the benefits of Full Fibre are and what residents might need to do in order to access this. 




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