Community Council Minutes 6 July 2023


Thursday 6 July 2023 at 7.00 pm in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENTChair - Roderick Morriss (RM), Vice Chair – Simon Pain (SWP), Secretary – Gordon Webster (GW); Elected CCs: Kristine Filer (KF), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu), Kenneth Coltart (KC); Co-opted CC: John Rowland (JR); Local Cllr: David Stitt (DS); Scott McMeeken (SM) - DGC Ward Officer, Robert Fuller (RF) - Forestry and Land Scotland. 


MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC: Sue Gourley (SG), Clive Sinclair (CS), Julian Stanning (JS)


APOLOGIESElected CCs: John Coates (JC), Tracey Roan (TR); Kippford Association representative - Martin Rosindale (MR); Local Cllr: Ian Blake (IB); Minute Secretary – Gwen Coates (GC); 



Adoption of the Minutes from 6 April 2023

With no amendments and no objections from members, the minutes, which were proposed by SWP and seconded by MPu, were approved.


Introduction of new DGC Ward Officer for Abbey, Scott McMeeken 

RM welcomed SM to the meeting. 




  1. Signage and Sheep Watch scheme update. RM noted that CSCC is wholly behind the initiative to encourage dog owners to ensure their animals are kept under control. This includes: encouraging farmers to post signs around the fields in the area; sending fliers to caravan sites and owners of holiday-lets to remind holiday makers of their responsibilities; to include reminders on local WhatsApp groups to alert residents to the issue. JR suggested signs might also be put in the Information Centre and on the CSCC website to alert people to the issue. CS said he would like this to be an issue that CSCC shows ongoing commitment to and that it becomes a regular agenda item, particularly in those months of the year when sheep worrying is a particular problem for farmers. He suggested this period was mostly April to September each year. RM said he felt that this is what CSCC is doing – trying to make both residents and visitors aware of the problem and to encourage them to be responsible dog owners. SWP agreed these points and said that it would be useful to put a further reminder on the various local WhatsApp groups about the issue. KF reiterated the suggestion made by JC at the meeting in June (see June’s minutes) – that Discover Scotland be asked to include information in their booking procedures and distribute this to the properties they manage – KF will take this action. GW said that he had started contacting caravan sites and had produced the fliers to distribute to them. To consider at the next meeting. (GW)
  2. Update on replacement for Stuart King as CSCC website manager. JR has made contact with the individual who is likely to take over the role and will be discussing the next steps with him shortly. To consider at the next meeting. (RM/JR)
  3. CSCC bank account additional signatories’ update. The three new signatories (RMJR & GW) have been accepted by BoS and the next step is to get online account access. JR (who is soon to take over as Treasurer) agreed to visit the bank to determine what the situation is regarding getting this access. To consider at the next meeting. (RM)
  4. Openreach Community Partnership Full Fibre for Rockliffe residents – update. GW had been in contact with Simon Blissett (SB), a local resident who is pursuing this issue on behalf of CSCC, and who was unable to attend the meeting. The relevant programme is called Fibre Community Partnership. For Openreach to consider taking this forward in Rockcliffe requires at least 10 expressions of interest from local residents. Following notices on the Rockcliffe WhatsApp, 22 expressions of interest were received. SB has uploaded this information to the Openreach portal and is expecting a response from them with initial costings and other relevant information. SM & DS advised that they had attended New Abbey CC where Openreach had made a presentation on Full Fibre, SM said it was very informative and something CSCC should consider. DS forwarded the NACC minutes detailing the FF discussion to GWGW agreed to speak to SB about a similar presentation and see what options were available. To consider at the next meeting. (SB)

Mark Hill and Tournat Land Plan Consultation

RF, a forest planner from Forestry and Land Scotland gave a presentation about future plans for Mark Hill, with some mention of Tournat.  A link to the text can be found at the bottom of this page



GW said he received the police report just before the meeting and had forwarded it on to members just now. DSinformed members that changes to police presence in the area are likely because of the shortage of police personnel. He noted that police attendance at CSCC meetings may stop. JS said that members of the public do not have access to the police report. JS asked GW to attach the police report to the minutes to enable members of the public to read it on the website.   A link to it can be found at the bottom of this page.



RM said that there was £9800.52 in the bank.



Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report online detailing progress on a number of the projects and the community involvement initiatives mentioned below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of additional issues discussed at the meeting. 


  1. Kippford Nature Reserve Memorial Shelter – funding update. SWP reminded members that a sum of £3000 is confirmed from the People’s Lottery. He plans to apply to the Robin Rigg Community Fund for at least £10,000 and to the National Lottery for the balance. He noted that further delays are likely to lead to increases in the costs involved. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  2. The War Memorial Trust will only fund 50% of the cost of any particular project. The Trust will only fund renovation work, not maintenance work. They deem some of the work noted in the CSCC request as maintenance. SWP believes CSCC is unlikely to receive more than £200 - £300. He reminded members that the agreement was that the church would fund 50% of the costs if CSCC could fund the other 50%. RMinformed members that he would soon be giving a speech for an organisation, which, in return, had agreed to contribute £200 to a charity of his choice. He will donate this sum to this project. He also noted that funds were also being contributed by other interested individuals. JR suggested a fund raising effort be introduced in October/November when people are more likely to contribute. SWP said he thought some of the maintenance work could be done by members. RM thought that someone already does such work and suggested further discussion with Reverend John Murdoch might be helpful. (RM/SWP) This project is on-going.
  3. Rockcliffe Bus Shelter. JC was not present at the meeting but had informed GW that there was no update on this project. SWP suggested that there was nothing further to report and that we are now probably waiting for the shelter to be built. (JC) This project is on-going.
  4. Information Centre Leaflets – update. SWP said he is struggling to find another source of funds. JRsuggested an alternative source of funds and that the local Rotary Club might also be prepared to contribute to the project. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  5. Coastal Path Viewpoint Sign replacement update – Castle Point & Torrs Hill. SWP thanked JS for his help in erecting the sign at Castle Point. The sign for Torrs Hill is ready for erection, once TR returns from holiday. (SWP) This project is on-going.
  6. Glenluffin car park bench. This is now in place. (SWP) This project is now complete.
  7. Gala marquee complaint. SWP’s attempt to follow the new instructions when partly constructing the marquee suggests that the problem is resolved. (SWP) This project is now complete.
  8. Sandyhills beach cleaning. SWP said that a group of local individuals had begun a regular beach clean at Sandyhills. Litter pickers and bags have been obtained and the beach clean is taking place every Monday at about 9 a.m. Volunteers are allowed to park in the car park for free. (SWP)
  9. Plan for application to Robin Rigg Community Fund – update. Application to this fund for the coming year is to be focused on the Kippford Nature Reserve application. See point 1 above. (SWP)



  1. Ground maintenance at Nelson’s Grave update. JC had informed GW that he has the equipment he needs and will complete the ground maintenance as indicated in the June minutes when he returns from holiday.(JC/SWP/KF) To consider at the next meeting.




  1. 22/0197/SCO Sandyhills proposed development – rolling agenda item. No one from the Sandy Hills Protection Group was present at the meeting and the relevant website indicated no update on this planning issue. 
  2. Local Place Plan (LPP) update. SWP said that CSCC is struggling to get a good community response to the survey. 340+ properties have been contacted but only 34 responses have been received, a large proportion of which concern pot holes rather than longer term issues. He noted that there will be some future drop-in sessions for the public to attend. Colvend School has been given a year’s grace but it is not clear what will happen to the school beyond that time. SWP discussed the possibility of having a community library based in the school - run by volunteers and stocked by the library services. He suggested that locating such a service in the school would bring people in the community to the school so that they are much more aware of the presence of the school. Southwick church is closing within the next five years. The future use of the church might be something to include in the LPP. JR suggested that the CSCC need to review and consider the LPP and not be distracted by the focus on potholes. He asked if there are any examples of LPPs in rural areas that might inform planning by CSCC. SWP suggested that people might comment more when the CSCC puts its proposal for the LPP forward. RM congratulated SWP on the work he had done on this issue. (SWP) To be considered at the next meeting. 



  1. SWP raised the issue of significant growth of bracken in the areas where trees were planted last November and the need for this to be cut this back. SWP will keep an eye on the weather forecast for a suitable window and advertise for volunteers on the local WhatsApp groups. 
  2. JS raised the issue of roadside footpath maintenance, and specifically the path alongside the Glenstocken Farm that was constructed, with a donation of the land from the Gourlays, around 10 years ago. If it remains uncut it will increasingly deter walkers from using the path and using the road instead. There is also a significant incursion of ragwort which may spread to adjacent fields and should be controlled as it can be poisonous to livestock.
  3. JR raised the issue about dogs fouling the local area and generally the public’s responsibility in relation to the right to roam in Scotland.  
  4. RM presented a gift and said thanks to SG for her many years of service to the community. 




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