Community Council Minutes 1st June 2023


Thursday1 June 2023 at 7.00 pm in Colvend Public Hall


PRESENT: Chair - Roderick Morriss (RM), Vice Chair – Simon Pain (SWP), Secretary – Gordon Webster (GW); Elected CCs: John Coates (JC), Kristine Filer (KF), Matthew Pumphrey (MPu), Tracy Roan (TR); Co-opted CC: John Rowland (JR); Kippford Association representative - Martin Rosindale (MR); WPC Amy Baird (AB); Minute Secretary - Gwen Coates (GC)


APOLOGIES: Elected CC: Kenneth Coltart (KC); Local Cllr: David Stitt (DS)



 Adoption of the Minutes from 6 April 2023

With no amendments and no objections from members, the minutes, which were proposed by JC and seconded by RM, were approved.



1.     (JR) was proposed as Treasurer by RM with no dissensions. He will take over from MP at a date to be mutually agreed. 

2.     Signage and Sheep Watch scheme update. A lengthy discussion about this issue took place. GW has requested a Community Toolkit from Sheep Watch UK and is awaiting a response. SWP has sourced signs made of Correx (corrugated plastic) available in A4 and A3 sizes, the cost being £11 + VAT and £14 + VAT respectively. Members discussed how this might be funded and the extent to which local farmers might contribute to the cost of these. RM suggested that all holiday let properties and local caravan parks receive information about this initiative. He also suggested that if CSCC got the initiative up and running, it would then be up to local farmers to take over and fund their own signs. JC noted that most holiday lets in the area are organised through the ‘Discover Scotland’ rental agency and perhaps the agency might be prepared to include such information in their booking procedures. JR suggested information could be included on the CSCC website. SWP said it might be possible for CSCC to fund signs but it would take time to source and apply for relevant funding and any funding obtained would be unlikely to be available before next year. RM asked SWP to seek the views of local farmers about the funding of signs and the numbers that might be required and to consider how to get the information to caravan parks and holiday lets. To consider at next meeting. (SWP/GW)

3.     Update on replacement for Stuart King as CSCC website manager. JR will contact the individuals who are being considered for this role in order to confirm their interest. He noted that this was important because the new appointee will need to decide on, and implement, new website systems. To consider at the next meeting. (RM/JR)

4.     CSCC bank account additional signatories. New signatories have been provided but it is likely to be at least 6 weeks before these are finalised by the bank. (RM)

5.     Benefits to the community of Full Fibre. Simon Blissett (SB), a member of the public who has undertaken to explore this issue, was not present at the meeting. He did however send an email prior to the meeting to update members on his findings to date. Openreach informed him that Rockcliffe has been provided with broadband (Fibre To The Cabinet) by a Scottish Government initiative (R100) to provide remote locations with connection speeds of around 30Mbps. There are no plans to extend this to ‘fibre to the property’, which would give increased speeds. SB notes that there are other options to achieve faster speeds, which he is exploring with Openreach, and will provide information on these at the next meeting. To consider at the next meeting. (SB)



AB had nothing to report. She asked if there were any issues she needed to be informed about. SWP noted that a number of wooden posts (that had supported ‘Spring Fling’ signs) had been removed and that other signs had also been taken down without permission. JC noted that parking in Rockcliffe has been chaotic over the recent holiday period and at weekends, for example hindering the bus turning point. He asked who was responsible for monitoring this. AB said that if there was an obstruction, the police should be called and they would endeavour to deal with this. However, she also said that the police have to prioritise their responses to incidents. RM raised the issue, reported in the local press, about the withdrawal of community policing. AB said that she had no information about this other than what had been written about in the media.



MP was not present but sent information prior to the meeting about the balance in the bank - £9800.52 following receipt of £800 from DGC.



 Prior to the meeting, SWP submitted a report online detailing progress on a number of the projects and the community involvement initiatives mentioned below. This document is available on the CSCC website. The following is a summary of additional issues discussed at the meeting. 

 1.     Coastal Path Viewpoint Sign replacement. SWP and Julian Stanning (a member of the public) will install the signs with the assistance of TR. (SWP) This project is on-going.

2.     Kippford Nature Reserve Shelter Project. The Coastal Benefit Funding of £19.600 and the £3,000 from the People’s Project means a further £4,400 is needed to meet the full cost of £27,000. SWP is to submit an application to the National Lottery Communities Fund for this amount and is hopeful that this will be successful. He emphasised the strict time deadlines in place - that no work can start until all funding is confirmed; that the all expenditure and the construction itself must be completed by 31.3 2024. (SWP) This project is on-going.

3.     Rockcliffe Bus Shelter. JC informed members that the shelter will be located by the Auchenvhin sign and will be built side-ways-on to reduce the impact of wind and rain. All members agreed that this was the most appropriate site. (JC) This project is on-going.

4.     War Memorial renovation. SWP said that in addition to the £300 kindly donated by Dr and Mrs Dinwiddie and the potential funding from the War Memorials Trust, it is likely that CSCC will have to contribute approximately £200. RM said the church is likely to contribute some funds as well. (RM/SWP) This project is on-going.

5.     Plans for application to Robin Rigg Community Fund. Because this item referred to future projects, it was included in the discussion about the Local Place Plan (LPP) (see below) (SWP) 



 1.     Family Gala Day. JC said that the event went very well. He noted, for future reference, that the timings of the various events need to coincide. The fact that the market opened at 10 a.m. and the Gala at 2 p.m. led to people wandering over to the Gala site well before midday and creating problems for those trying to finalise the site before the 2 p.m. start time. He suggested that in future years it might be better to hold the Gala from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. to coincide with the market. Parking arrangements worked well and most people, but not everyone, followed the guidance on where to park. He asked that in future years, people only park in the dedicated parking site. Thanks were given to TR for access to the field for parking. JC suggested that in future it would be helpful if more members were able to help in setting up and taking down the Gala equipment. Those who had assisted in setting up the Gala discussed the problems encountered in setting up the marquee. SWP noted that grant funding had been provided for the Gala in the previous 2 years but not this year and that such funding was unlikely to be available in future years. However, he noted that when funding had been granted, CSCC had received 100% of its application because of the way the local market, the D&G ‘Spring Fling’ exhibition and the Gala had been coordinated. SWP suggested that CSCC might wish to consider progressively increasing prices for the events in order to be ready for a time when it is likely that the Gala needs to be self-financing. (JC/SWP) To consider the 2024 Gala at a meeting later in the year.

 2.     Ground maintenance at Nelson’s Grave. Members agreed with JC’s previous suggestion that a weed mat be placed on the site and then covered with shells. SWP has a weed mat that could be used for this purpose. SWP has not yet been in touch with the Community Payback team to check if they will be clearing the paths in the area and around the site. (JC/SWP/KF) To consider at the next meeting.



1.     22/0197/SCO Sandyhills proposed development – rolling agenda item. No one from the Sandy Hills Protection Group was present at the meeting. 

2.     Local Place Plan (LPP) update. JC said about 70 people attended the Rockcliffe Gathering and that there was a lot of interest in the LPP display. As well as a visit to Colvend School to discuss the LPP with the new headteacher, SWP will also discuss it at the next meeting of the Kippford Association. In relation to the small number of responses to the survey questionnaire, SWP discussed the difficulties in getting the survey out to everyone locally, including access to email addresses and the issues for those who don’t use email or are not on local WhatsApp groups. JR suggested that if examples of proposals for plans in other areas were available, these might provide people with the sort of ideas to consider. RM asked SWP to send an email to all CSCC members and those members of the public who attend these meetings regularly asking them to respond to the survey. (JC, SWP, MR, PS) To be considered at the next meeting. 



 1.     SWP noted that bracken in the field where Christmas trees were planted needs cutting back. He asked for volunteers to facilitate this. (SWP) 

2.     SWP noted that he will need to put in requests for funding for the hedging along the Jubilee Path in front of the Baron’s Craig. JC said that he would contact owner, Jenny Mabbs, to determine what is needed. (SWP/JC) To be considered at the next meeting.

 3.     RM asked about progress with the Margaret Murdoch Trust. MPu reminded members that the transfer could not be finalised until all existing trustees have been contacted and have agreed to the transfer. He said the item should be put back on the agenda for the October meeting. This item to be put back on the agenda for the October 2023 meeting (MPu/SWP)

4.     JC told members that the National Trust had done a fantastic job in removing Japanese knotweed in the area. 

5.     SWP told members that there will be an article in the Galloway News about the Gala event. 

6.     SWP said that a representative from Forest and Land Scotland (FLS) would be happy to come along to a CSCC meeting to talk to members about its work.

7.     JR noted that Southwick Church might have to close and wondered what the community could do to protect the lovely building and whether CSCC could do anything to keep it in some sort of use. SWP said that ideas for a project like this might be something to suggest for the LPP. 

8.     RM noted that Neil Preston has resigned as an elected member of CSCC. He offered Neil thanks from members for his contributions.  



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